What’s the Best Time of Year to Trim Trees?

best time to trim trees

best time to trim treesJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Our ISA-certified arborists in Kingsport are often asked when trees should be trimmed. The answer, however, isn’t as simple as you may assume. Varying species of trees respond differently to the changing seasons, as well as seasonal pests and diseases. For example, we recommend trimming oak trees during the winter to prevent oak wilt, an insect-born disease.

Trees naturally go through growth and dormant phases. It is best to trim a tree while it is dormant, allowing for quicker healing, and encourages growth, which is especially helpful for trees that produce blooms or fruit. If you’ve never had your trees trimmed, or it’s been more than a couple of years, now is the time to contact Promier Tree for an evaluation. Our certified arborists in the Tri-Cities will recommend a customized tree trimming plan for your trees.

Check out our tree trimming guide to help understand when the best time of year is to trim your trees:

  • Douglas Fir – Winter
  • Spruce – Winter
  • Oak – winter
  • Cedar – Winter
  • Apple – Late winter or early spring
  • Maple – Late spring
  • Birch – Late spring
  • Walnut – Late spring
  • Juniper – Summer

There are many other types of trees that grow here in East Tennessee. While this is not a complete tree trimming guide, it does cover some of the most common trees in this area. A customized tree health evaluation is the first step in determining when and how your Kingsport trees need to be trimmed.

When done professionally, tree trimming has surprising benefits

  • Improves your tree’s health – Trees are subject to pest infestations and diseases. While these threats can be seasonal, that does not mean you should ignore it. A certified arborist is trained in identifying tree pests and diseases and can recommend treatment to save your trees. The answer isn’t always to cut down the tree, although sometimes that is in the tree’s best interest. Proper tree maintenance and regular trimming can help your tree maintain it’s overall health and appearance.
  • Maximizes your home’s curb appeal – Trees can be beautiful. Whether casting a cool shade over your property or adorned with colorful blooms or fall foliage, trees are an ornamental part of your home’s curb appeal and can help increase your property value. Whether you’re looking to list your house on the market in Kingsport or just want to feel proud of your property, routine tree trimming services in the Tri-Cities will go a long way.
  • Protects your property against damage – There is no worse nightmare for homeowners than an unexpected disaster. Trees that are not well cared for are subject to falling over or dropping dead limbs on your property during high winds and storms. This may not seem that big of a deal if it happens in a wooded area, but you wouldn’t want a tree to come crashing down on your house, car, fence, or your neighbor’s either. Proper tree trimming helps prevent these types of emergencies.
  • Controls tree growth, shape, and size – A properly trimmed tree maintains its shape, size, and growth. Overly large or misshapen trees could spell disaster, especially during a storm or severe weather. Always be prepared for whatever the seasons throw at you by having your trees trimmed during their dormant period.

Professional Tree Removal Services in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol

If you require tree trimming services or want to schedule a tree evaluation in Kingsport, contact Promier Tree today by calling (423) 765-2626. Our ISA-certified arborists are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with tree health and safety issues to help put your mind at ease and protect your property against damage caused by rotten limbs or a dead tree. We extend our services to the entire Tri-Cities area, including Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol.