4 Tree Care Mistakes that Kingsport Homeowners Make

tree care mistakes

tree care mistakesJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

A lot of homeowners focus most of their home maintenance efforts on their lawn, forgetting that trees also need care. The chances are, you probably have at least one tree on your property. And in some cases, your landscaping efforts might actually hinder your tree’s growth and health. There’s a lot to appreciate about trees. They help provide cleaner air for us to breathe. Trees around your home provide shade, helping decrease energy bills. And well-kept trees add curb appeal to your property. Today on the blog, ISA-certified arborists in Kingsport share four tree care mistakes that Kingsport homeowners make.

Avoid mulching volcanos around the base of your trees

Mulch is a necessity for trees. It helps retain moisture and nutrients vital to your tree’s health. However, there’s a right way, and many wrong ways, to mulch around trees. Avoid mulching in the shape of a volcano around the tree’s base, as it collects water and could lead to rot. And if the mulch is too thick or deep, it prevents oxygen from reaching the tree’s roots. Experts agree, you only need about two to three inches of mulch to reap its benefits.

Avoid pruning paint

Pruning trees and shrubs is recommended as it prompts health and growth. Prune paint is marketed as a product that should be painted on the tree after a branch has been cut or removed. However, our Johnson City arborists advise against using pruning paint because it makes it difficult for the tree to heal. Similar to a cut on your skin, oxygen is needed to help heal wounds, just like on a tree.

Never have a tree trimmer top your trees

Tree topping is never the answer to cutting back an overgrown tree. Utility companies are known for doing this to prevent damaged or dead limbs from falling on electrical wiring and causing a power outage. However, this unfavorable technique stresses out the tree and could stunt its growth, causing the tree to become misshapen. It’s best to hire a professional tree trimmer for your pruning needs. If the company you seek to hire recommends tree topping, don’t hire them!

Skip staking young trees

It’s a common assumption that young trees should be staked. However, usual wind and rain help the tree to establish a strong trunk. It’s ok to stake a young tree if you’re going to experience high winds or storms in your area. Just be sure to remove the stakes once severe weather passes. A weak tree trunk makes the tree more susceptible to damage or getting blown over.

Professional Arborist in Johnson City, Kingsport, and Bristol, Tennessee

Our ISA-certified arborists are trained and knowledgeable in diagnosing tree diseases, properly pruning trees, and providing advice on how to protect your tree’s health. If you’d like to schedule a consultation, please call Promier Tree at (423) 765-2626. We provide complete tree care and tree removal to residential and commercial property owners in the Tri-Cities.