Tips on Fixing a Topped Tree

fixing topped trees

fixing topped treesJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Many property owners opt for having their trees topped in an effort to trim them back or stunt their growth. But, this common practice is actually not healthy for your trees, and a certified arborist in Kingsport does not recommend it. But, if the damage is already done, find out from leading tree care professionals in the Tri-Cities area at Promier Tree how to fix a topped tree to restore its beauty.

What is a topped tree?

The basics of tree topping is exactly the way it sounds – it’s a practice that removes the top or crown portion of the tree in effort to reduce its overall height. Inexperienced tree cutters in Kingsport may offer to top your trees for an affordable price, but you could be doing more harm than good to your landscape. Not only does tree topping look bad, but it also harms the tree. It could stunt the tree’s growth or cause it to die.

How do I fix a topped tree in my landscaping?

In some cases, tree topping can leave an unsightly result with the desire to fix it immediately. Although you have the urge to repair your tree, it is best left alone. Patience is essential to allow your tree time to restore itself over time. As the tree recovers, it will begin to grow multiple sprouts that should not be touched. You will be able to prune them once they reach the original height of the tree.

During the regrowth period, consistently check your tree for any damage or decay that may occur. If you see the damage, contact your local ISA-certified arborist in Johnson City at Promier Tree for a consultation geared toward helping you address the concern and restore the health of your tree.

Also, watch the canopy of your tree to establish dominant branches that could be your leader branches. If you notice weaker sprouts that are not able to keep up with the dominating leader branch, then you should cut them down to the trunk of the tree. However, leaving more substantial branches that can maintain growth with the leader branch should help promote healthy overall growth and beauty. By monitoring your tree over the next four to six years along with a certified arborist in Bristol from Promier Tree, your tree should survive the topping and thrive in its growth.

Will my tree heal on its own?

Trees are living things, so they have healing properties when damaged. Although your tree can heal itself over time from tree topping or storm damage, it may not grow well or remain healthy. Without monitoring or pruning, the tree could grow haphazardly, increasing the risk of potential property damage. To help control the growth of your tree for the healthiest outcome, contact your tree care company in Kingsport, Promier Tree. We can help you monitor the growth and prune your tree as needed for the best result.

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