The Tree Secret Kingsport Homeowners Must Know

Tree secrets

Tree secretsJohnson City, TN

It’s a common misconception that urban trees, as in trees that are in your yard, can thrive on their own. We even get this question a lot. Why do I need to pay for professional tree care when trees grow just fine in the woods? But the truth is, urban trees lack necessary nutrients found in forests, and therefore, trees in your yard require regular maintenance and care to keep them looking beautiful and healthy. So today on the blog, learn about the tree secret that Kingsport homeowners must know.

Trees require loose soil that allows the flow of water and oxygen, creating the ideal environment for feeder roots to absorb nutrients. In forests, a natural network of fungi, and decaying wood and leaves exists and creates the necessary environment for roots to absorb necessary nutrients. However, urban trees or trees in your yard lack this crucial environment due to frequent mowing, raking, and foot traffic. Unfortunately, routine lawncare isn’t helpful for tree growth and health, which is why professional tree care is also necessary to maintain your entire landscape.

What’s the secret for healthy urban trees?

Deep root fertilization, which fertilizes trees and encourages growth in urban settings.

Benefits of deep root fertilization include:

  1. Cost-effective preservation – Properly caring for your urban trees saves money compared to the cost of tree removal. Tree removal can be pricy and end up costing more than tree care costs that span over many years. In turn, caring for the trees on your property helps them flourish and look beautiful, which could help increase your property value.
  2. Promotes tree health – Deep root fertilization helps strengthen trees and reduce the risk of diseases, pests, and storm damage. With regular tree care and maintenance, you’ll notice that your trees live a longer life and are less likely to deal with tree damage.
  3. Better soil structure – Aerated soil helps encourage the absorption of water, oxygen, and nutrients through the tree’s roots. We recommend aerating your soil in the fall when the ground is moist.
  4. Improved nutrient absorption – Deep soil fertilization also encourages fungi growth, which is essential for tree roots to absorb nutrients. However, it’s essential that you’re careful not to allow an overgrowth of fungi. Therefore, a professional arborist can help manage your tree’s health and ensure proper fungi growth.
  5. Restores the urban environment – Deep root fertilization helps create a more natural environment in urban areas, which can be beneficial for other plants growing in your landscape. Without the necessary nutrients, like what’s found in forests, urban trees may suffer and succumb to disease or damage.

Why hire a professional arborist?

Professional arborists at Promier Tree are trained and skilled in how to handle tree issues, diseases, and care for trees of all types. We also possess the necessary safety tools and equipment for tree care and maintenance. If you’d like to learn more about tree care or need tree services in Kingsport, contact Promier Tree by calling (423) 765-2626 and schedule a consultation today.