The Best Low-Maintenance Trees for Kingsport Homeowners

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Whether you are away from home a lot or are not an “outdoorsy” person who enjoys working in the yard, low-maintenance tree options can be a quaint addition to your property without requiring hard work or frequent maintenance. However, selecting the best tree is more complex than choosing something pretty at the garden center. Our Tri-Cities tree experts at Promier Tree share on the blog today how to choose the best low-maintenance trees for Kingsport homeowners.

Define the Tree’s Purpose

Choosing the right tree should garner some consideration of why you want to plant the tree. For example, you might want additional shade over your property, a small ornamental tree for decoration, or fill a landscaping void. Additionally, our Kingsport arborists recommend investigating the soil conditions around your home to determine the growing needs for your chosen tree species. Furthermore, knowing how much sun exposure or natural light reaches the new tree’s location can also affect your choice. Once you compile the information, selecting a tree will come easier.

Outline General Characteristics

Some tree species may have unfavorable characteristics for your liking, so our Johnson City arborists encourage homeowners to conduct a little research before selecting a tree. For example, some may drop fruits and nuts, encouraging animals, rodents, and pests to invade your yard. On the other hand, other species ooze sticky sap that can damage outdoor furniture and vehicles. Finally, some tree species’ root systems are incredibly invasive and can threaten your home’s foundation and kill surrounding shrubs and trees.

Low-maintenance, Highly Adaptable Tree Options

Although there are many tree types from which to choose, our Bristol area ISA-Certified arborists share a list of trees below that are both low-maintenance and highly adaptable species to varying conditions

  • Japanese Maple – A landscaping favorite for the fall, the Japanese Maple brings vibrant orange and red hues. The Japanese Maple can grow in most areas of the U.S., except in extremely cold or hot regions. Additionally, they adapt to most light exposures and soil types and have meager maintenance needs.
  • Crape Myrtle – Extended bloomers give your landscaping color through the mid-summer like the Crape Myrtle. With admirable flower clusters, the Crape Myrtle also dons beautiful bark and foliage. The Crape Myrtle is perfect for hot, humid environments and can withstand drought conditions. Even though they may experience stress, the Crape Myrtle will bloom.
  • Magnolias – Saucer-size flowers that bloom in the spring and fill the air with fragrance are a magnolia tree’s signature. In some cases, a magnolia tree can rebloom in the late summer or early fall, giving you a blast of purple, white, yellow, or pink. In addition, evergreen magnolia tree species can provide benefits year-round as they keep their foliage. Most magnolia species can last 100 years or more with the proper growing conditions. Additionally, many species are resistant to pests, diseases, moderate drought, and can tolerate hot summers.

Encourage Healthy Growth

Trees that begin as saplings require tender loving care and extra attention to establish their roots. However, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the tree’s health and growth once established. Although low-maintenance trees may not require extensive maintenance, our Tri-Cites ISA-Certified arborists recommend regular pruning, tree health evaluations, and prompt removal of diseased or storm-damaged trees. Your trees can provide years of beauty and increase your property’s value with proper care.

Tree Care Company in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Choosing the best low-maintenance tree for your home or business begins with deciding your tree’s purpose. Then, you can select a species suitable for your needs when you consider other growth attributes. Finally, with proper care, your trees can flourish and provide years of aesthetically pleasing views. To learn more about low-maintenance tree selections or schedule a consultation, contact our Kingsport ISA-Certified arborists at Promier Tree. Please call us at (423) 765-2626 or contact us online today.