Taking Care of your Trees during the Tennessee Summer Heat

taking care of trees in summer

taking care of trees in summerJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

In the cold winter months, we find ourselves longing for the touch of the warm summer sun, but once summer is in full swing, we have the luxury of escaping the mid day’s sun. You can simply walk in your home and find respite in your home with a cool drink. Our plants are not so lucky. Scorching midsummer heat and humidity can wreak havoc on well-landscaped lawns filled with expensive trees and perennial shrubs. Promier Tree wants to help you keep your trees alive and healthy even during this summer’s hottest days.

Promier Tree knows that committing to a watering regimen can seem tedious, but it is truly your plants’ best chance at thriving during the summer heat. Trees and shrubbery need your protection, and a watering schedule is the best way to provide that. In order to minimize damage to your valuable trees, you should focus on trees and plants that are the youngest and newest to your yard. Young trees need extra care, but there are many factors in deciding how to care for your topiaries.

Soil and tree type will decide how often your trees should be watered. You should also take into consideration recent weather patterns. Nearby vegetation can create competition for water. Moisture will reach shallow vegetative roots first, and the remainder of moisture may evaporate before reaching deep tree roots. No matter your tree’s age or type, your soil type, or surrounding foliage, you should water your trees in the morning when the temperatures are coolest. Watering trees before noon will prevent evaporation and allow all of the water to reach deeper roots for a longer time.

Watering isn’t just dependent upon timing. At Promier Tree we recommend that water be delivered slowly. Ideally, a steady rate of moisture delivery will allow water to be absorbed into the root zone. If your trees are watered quickly, moisture can be lost to surface runoff. A sprinkler system is the most manageable way to deliver water slowly at the correct time, but we understand that is not an option for all property owners. If you’re looking for a simple and more temporary solution, then we suggest cleaning out a milk jug, fill it with water, and then poke a hole in the top and bottom to allow a steady release of water into your soil.

Lastly, Promier Tree wants you to consider how much you water your plants. You should ensure your plants are getting ample water. Inadequate water supply will cause perennials and tree roots to search upward in a desperate attempt to gather moisture. Roots traveling skyward will create a shallow root system that can make your topiaries more susceptible to root rot. Plants that suffer from dehydration become weak, and weakened trees become prey for diseases and pests. Bugs thrive on inadequately watered plants, and once a tree becomes infested, it can pose a threat to your entire property.

Tree Care in Kingsport

Coming up with the right watering plan for each of your trees and perennials can seem overwhelming. Having so many variables in deciding how to care for your yard can create an endless amount of questions for you, especially if you already have a busy schedule. Promier Tree is here to help with all of your tree questions, concerns, and needs. We can also handle all your tree care for you. If you’re located in the Bristol, Johnson City or Kingsport, TN areas, contact Promier Tree at (423) 765-2626 to learn more about how we can help keep your trees thriving and healthy.