Protect your Trees during the hot Tennessee Summer

caring for young tree

caring for young treeJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Planting trees on your property is a great long-term investment. A healthy, full-grown tree provides shade, as well as a place for your children or grandchildren to play. Young and newly planted trees require special care. To ensure your young trees make it through the heat of the east Tennessee summer, Promier Tree has provided this advice.

Have a watering plan and stick to it

The extreme heat and humidity of the summertime can scorch your trees, perennial plants, and even your grass—especially if you go through an extended period with no rain. Make sure that you have a good watering plan in place. It is crucial to keep young trees hydrated, as they are more vulnerable to damage from the intense sunlight and scorching heat.

Not all trees should be watered the same way. Your tree needs a specific amount of water to thrive, based on factors including the type of soil in your yard, your recent weather conditions and future predicted weather pattern, the age of the tree, the species of the tree, and any other vegetation near the tree that may end up competing for the moisture. No matter what type of tree you have, Promier Tree recommends you water in the morning when temperatures are cooler; watering when it is extremely hot out can make most of the water evaporate before it is able to reach the tree’s roots.

When watering, make sure that the water is being delivered at a slow and steady rate. This gives your tree’s root zone the proper amount of time to absorb the water. Apply the water too quickly or just soaking the tree will just result in surface runoff, wasting water and depriving your tree of the benefits of that moisture.

Looking for a “life hack” to make your tree watering easier?

You don’t need a fancy irrigation system to keep your trees hydrated, although that can make life much easier and more convenient. An empty milk jug will do the job just fine! Rinse out the jug, fill it with water, and then poke a hole in both the top and bottom allowing water to drip steadily out of the jug and into the soil surrounding your tree. This method delivers water into the soil slow and steady, giving the roots plenty of time to absorb the needed moisture.

Watch for signs of insects and disease

At any time of year, pest infestation or disease can threaten your tree’s health or life. Young trees are especially vulnerable to these threats because they are still developing. Small changes could be signs of a major problem; these include changes in the color of your leaves too early before fall, leaves that appear smaller than usual, the formation of holes in the bark, and tracks of sawdust.

If you notice any of these issues with one of your trees, a professional arborist in Kingsport like the ones on staff at Promier Tree can help. Arborists have extensive education and training to work with a wide variety of situations affecting all types of trees. An arborist can inspect your trees for signs of pests or disease, or just conduct a general evaluation of your tree’s health.

Not sure how to care for your tree? Your arborist can provide specialized advice. Promier Tree also offers maintenance packages for your trees, including regularly scheduled pruning. Find out more about any of our services by calling (423) 765-2626.

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