Must-Do Tree Care Tips for June

tree care for june

tree care for juneJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Summer is the season where trees can suffer damage from the hot, dry months. If you were not able to water or mulch your trees in the spring, now is the time for deep watering and mulching to protect your trees from the summer elements. ISA-certified arborists in Johnson City at Promier Tree are sharing some must-do tree care tips for June.

Conserve Water and Preserve Trees

  • Deep Watering – Younger trees require more regular watering because of their growth. To increase their health and prevent disease, deep watering aids in the development of robust underground roots instead of surface roots that will struggle to retain water and nutrients.
  • Signs of Drought Stress – When you notice leaves turning brown or curling at the edges, yellowing, or wilting, it could be a sure sign of not enough water. Check the soil moisture once per week from four to six inches below the Earth’s surface. The soil below the tree should be moist, but not wet or dry.
  • Inspect Your Irrigation System – As the tree matures, move drippers further from the tree. You want to always apply water at or near the drip line and a little beyond. Check your system for leaks or clogged spray heads.
  • Lawn Irrigation is not for Trees – Lawn irrigation typically provides a light sprinkling for five to ten minutes, only watering a few inches of top-soil. Unfortunately, lawn irrigation is not sufficient for your trees. Either remove the top layer of soil from around your trees and replace with moisture and nutrient-dense mulch or instill a deep watering method for your trees.

Replenish Mulch

Mulch helps conserve moisture at the base of your trees. Throughout the summer, you may need to replenish the much as it gets washed away or decomposes. If your trees do not have mulch, cover the soil starting a few inches from the base of the trunk of the tree with a three to a five-inch layer of mulch and extend it approximately one to two feet from the tree in all directions.

Prune for Strong Growth

Pruning your trees helps improve health and promote vigorous growth. Usually, the best time to prune trees is in the fall and winter months when they are dormant. However, it is beneficial to monitor your trees throughout the summer for damaged, diseased, or dead branches form. The summer is an excellent time to remove excessive limbs or weight from branches to reduce breaking and prune flowering trees once they stop blooming. To get the best results when pruning your trees, contact your local arborist in Bristol at Promier Tree for a professional opinion or guidance.

Inspect Tree Health

Inspecting the overall look and health of your tree is simple in the summer. With a full crown, it is a great time to check your trees for any damage, disease, or rot. If you find something you are not sure about, feel free to contact your professional tree company in Kingsport, Promier Tree, to help you identify and eradicate potential problems. Continuously checking your tree’s health can help monitor weak branches and ensure its safety. Watching your tree’s foliage can help you catch problems early, so you can begin the necessary treatments to restore your tree’s good health.

Tree Services in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Protecting your trees this summer could be easy through monitoring and ensuring they have plenty of water for the hot, dry months ahead. If you would like to have support in your tree care process, feel free to contact your local tree professionals in the Tri-Cities area from Promier Tree for access to critical tree care information. Call our office at (423) 765-2626 or contact us online for a consultation today!