Kingsport Arborists Share 6 Tips to Keep Old Trees Looking Beautiful

keep old trees beautiful

keep old trees beautifulJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Large shade trees are valuable as they adorn the East Tennessee landscape providing shade and beauty. Mature trees help home and business owners save on utility bills, block high winds, and increase property value. In some instances, large old trees help with noise reduction. As trees on your property grow, they become part of your memories as a playground for your children, shade for special family BBQs, and more. But with their growth comes maintenance and care to keep them beautiful and healthy. Today on the blog, Kingsport arborists share six tips to keep old trees beautiful.

Protect the tree bark

Bark is the outer protective layer of trees. Its bark helps keep moisture from the air out (like when it rains) yet holds necessary moisture inside the tree when the air is dry. Bark also acts as an insulator during cold, windy months and wards off pests in the spring and summer. Avoid mowing or weed eating too close to the tree’s base. Also, be careful when pruning or trimming a tree as not to disturb the bark on the trunks.

Add mulch

Spreading mulch around the base of your trees serves several purposes. 1) It provides a barrier from yard equipment nicking the roots or bark. 2) Mulch acts as an insulator for the roots of the tree. 3) It discourages people from walking directly on the tree’s roots. 4) Mulch helps provide water and vital nutrients to the tree. Place an even layer of mulch around the base of your trees, without it actually touching the bark, which could cause rot or disease.

Avoid the roots

Roots are the lifeline of any tree. Avoid soil compaction by not walking, parking, or storing things on top of tree roots that may be exposed above the dirt or around the base of the tree. Compacted soil may prevent the roots from absorbing the necessary oxygen and water that it needs to survive and maintain its health.

Avoid hanging stuff from your trees

Tying ropes for hammocks or tire swings isn’t such a good idea as it could damage the tree bark or, worse, break a branch or the entire tree! Instead, you’ll do much less damage to the tree by drilling directly into it with a large eye bolt rather than using ropes if you must hang anything from your trees.

Give your tree some water

We tend to get a decent amount of rain here in Kingsport and Johnson City. However, our summers can be quite dry. During dry spells, be sure to water your trees, even mature ones. You can set up a sprinkler, use a slow trickle hose, or have a professional irrigation system installed that handles all of your lawn’s watering needs, including your trees!

Hire a pro for an inspection

Trees eventually develop splits, cracks, disease, and pests, especially the older they get. Hire an ISA-Certified arborist in Kingsport at least once a year for tree inspections. Spotting problems early on and addressing them could make the difference in saving your old, beautiful trees or losing them to disease or a storm.

Kingsport Arborists

If you’d like to learn more about tree care or schedule a tree inspection in Kingsport, Johnson City, or Bristol, contact Promier Tree by calling (423) 765-2626 or contact us today. Our certified arborists are trained and knowledgeable in diagnosing tree diseases and providing total tree care to keep your beloved aging trees looking beautiful.