Common Tree Trimming Accidents

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Homeowners often take pride and care in maintaining a beautiful lawn, and take careful consideration of growing beautiful flowers, but what about the trees? Often, trees are forgotten about until they become a hazard, and even then, some people push their luck.

To maintain their health and beauty, trees require regular pruning and maintenance. On the other hand, a dead or diseased tree should be carefully removed to prevent injury to people, and property. Here are the most common tree trimming accidents, which is why tree care should be left to the professionals of Promier Tree.

Getting hit

The Centers for Disease Control states that the most common tree trimming accidents are related to being struck by falling objects, such as limbs or the tree itself. Other times, equipment may malfunction, such as a lift or climbing rope breaking.


Falls are of course a common injury to amateur tree trimmers. In fact, falls are the second most common tree care related injury. Falls can occur from slipping off of a ladder, falling off a roof that was accessed to reach the tree, or falling out of the tree that is being trimmed.


When dealing with branches that are near live wires, there is certainly a risk of electrocution. Trimming branches such as these should be done so with absolute care and safety, to avoid falling onto the wires, or being struck by falling wires.

Bodily Injuries

The potential list of bodily injuries is probably a mile long. From minor scratches, severe cuts, to amputations of an arm of a leg, using tree trimming tools and equipment bears its risks if you are not careful about handling this type of heavy equipment. Eye injuries are also common, especially when using a stump grinder or wood chipper.

Wildlife Concerns

There is also the concern of wildlife such as bee hives, wasps nests, or even raccoon and squirrels that may bite. It is critical that a tree trimmer know how to deal with these wildlife hazards properly, and do so appropriately by not harming the animal or insect. Poisonous plants such as poison ivy, oak, and sumac can be harmful if you are allergic to these plants.

As you can see, tree trimming is a necessary part of home ownership but is often better left to the pros. Promier Tree, a branch of Promier Landscapes, offers tree care services to residents and business owners in the East Tennessee areas of Bristol and Johnson City.