4 Reasons to keep your Trees Healthy

keep trees healthy

keep trees healthyJohnson City TN

Trees provide many benefits to property owners by providing shade and beauty. But trees provide more benefits than that. They are crucial to our environment by helping provide clean air, stormwater absorption and help sustain wildlife by providing food and shelter. But maintaining healthy trees comes at a cost. From trimming dead limbs and treating diseases and fungi to yearly pruning, these tree services are essential to continue reaping their many benefits. So today on the blog, our Kingsport arborists share four reasons to keep your trees healthy.

Trees are serene and comforting

Trees and plants provide a sense of peace and serenity. Whether you enjoy the sound of wind rattling tree leaves as you sit on your back porch or adorn your business landscape with ornamental trees that can be seen from office windows, trees can help you feel more relaxed and at peace. So, while maintaining trees on your property may come at an expense, it can be well worth it so that you and your guests feel more at ease.

Trees provide community benefits

Trees provide communal benefits by helping direct foot traffic and reducing glares and reflections for drivers. A properly maintained tree, however, is less likely to conflict with utility lines or obstruct views. It’s essential to keep your trees properly pruned to avoid dead limbs from crashing down onto cars, structures, or people. Additionally, pruning your tree help ensure they do not obstruct utility lines or scenic views within your community.

Trees benefit the environment

Trees provide many benefits to our environment. It’s why the destruction of rainforests is such a hot topic among environmentalists. Trees are responsible for filtering the air that we breathe, which is helpful in cities. They also help reduce stormwater runoff and are necessary to sustain certain wildlife. Tree canopies can also provide shelter from the rain or sun, although it’s best to seek appropriate shelter in a storm. Additionally, trees planted in urban communities help attract birds and small wildlife, which can further help the environment in other ways.

Trees provide economic benefits

Healthy, well-established trees can actually increase your property value. In some instances, homeowners see a 5-20 percent return on their home value just by having an aesthetically pleasing landscape, which includes well-maintained trees. Plus, shade trees help reduce energy costs, helping you save on your electric bill each month. If your landscape doesn’t have any trees, consult with an ISA-certified arborist in Kingsport to determine the best trees for your property and the ideal location to plant them.

Arborists in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

People, animals, and the environment rely on the many benefits of trees. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain the trees on your property by properly pruning and caring for them during every season. If you have questions about the trees on your property, feel free to request a consultation with a professional ISA-certified arborist in the Tr-Cities for a health evaluation. Please call Promier Tree for your tree needs by dialing (423) 765-2626 or contact us online today.