4 Benefits of Professional Tree Removal

professional tree removal

professional tree removalJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Trees are beautiful additions to your yard and could increase the value of your home. However, under certain circumstances, unkept trees could cause complications such as a risk to your or your neighbor’s property. Although the trees in your yard may be difficult to part from, there could be added benefits to having them removed when they are unhealthy. Promier Tree, a professional tree removal company in Kingsport, is sharing four benefits of professional tree removal.

What are the benefits of tree removal?

  1. Clean Landscaping

As a homeowner, having a well-manicured yard is beneficial for the aesthetics and curb appeal. Also, the age and stability of your trees could add additional value to your property. However, if you have a tree that is dying, or has begun to rot from the inside, it may be time to consider having the tree removed by your professional tree removal company in Bristol, Promier Tree. If you are unsure if your tree should be removed, hire an ISA-Certified arborist for an inspection.

  1. Safety and Liability Risks

When trees are planted, the root system could be difficult to predict. Therefore, as the tree ages, complications may result from the spread of the roots to include damage of walkways or driveways or potential damage to the foundation of your home. The damages incurred could be incredibly expensive and time consuming to repair. Also, if you have a tree that begins to grow haphazardly, it could increase the risk of potential damage to your or your neighbor’s property. Therefore, your liability would significantly increase as well as the expenses to repair any damages when something happens. Your local tree removal company in Johnson City at Promier Tree could help you protect your property by cutting down a tree that threatens your property.

  1. Storm Damage

Storms are known to cause damage, especially to trees. Therefore, it is best to have broken branches removed before a storm strikes. If a tree is struck by lightning, it could cause significant irreparable damage to the tree. When a tree suffers severe damage, it needs to be removed to prevent decay and a home for common pests. When a strong storm hits your area, contact the emergency storm cleanup crew in Kingsport to remove damaged limbs and trees on your property.

  1. Healthy Trees

Wounded or aged trees may suffer from health concerns. A tree suffering from a fungus infection or a bug infestation could spread the same conditions to other trees in the yard. Therefore, the tree may need to be removed to help protect the other plant life and trees. Also, if the dilapidated tree becomes weakened and begins to lose limbs and branches, it could pose safety concerns for your property and your family. Otherwise, healthy trees that are slightly damaged or weak could be treated using cabling or bracing by our ISA-Certified arborists in Bristol at Promier Tree.

What should I expect during the tree removal process?

Tree removal may seem simple and an easy weekend project when you have the right tools to get the job done. However, tree removal is a complex, highly technical, and potentially hazardous job that should only be done by trained professionals, especially if the tree is in an area where other trees or structures are nearby. Your professional tree removal company in Johnson City at Promier Tree offer a well-trained staff that uses top-of-the-line-tools and machinery to protect your property and get the job done without causing damage or injuries.

Tree Removal in Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City, TN

Removing a tree from your yard could increase the aesthetic of your home or help keep your other trees and plant life healthy. If you are wondering about the health of a tree before you have it removed, we encourage you to contact a certified arborist or your tree experts in the Tri-Cities area at Promier Tree. Feel free to schedule a consultation by calling (423) 765-2626 or visit our website.