3 Benefits to Cabling and Bracing your Trees

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Living in East Tennessee, you know how severe storms can hit during the spring and summer months. Driving rain and harsh winds can damage your trees or even cause total failure, also known as the tree’s falling. You can prepare for severe weather by cabling and bracing your trees. Today on the blog, your Kingsport arborists at Promier Tree explore three benefits to cabling and bracing the trees on your property.

What is cabling and bracing?

Cabling is a horticultural technique that involves installing flexible steel cables between the major branches of a tree to provide support and limit movement. The cables are placed at strategic locations: weak points that can benefit from additional support but otherwise are healthy. A cabling system installed by an experienced tree care professional helps protect against major branch failure.

Bracing stabilizes the tree trunk or large branches. This reduction of movement lowers the risk of splitting or cracking due to stress from severe weather. Rigid rods are placed on a tree, with the number of necessary rods determined by the tree’s size and current condition. It’s common to use bracing and cabling in combination to protect a tree.

Benefits to cabling and bracing

  • Lower risk of failure and related damage: A falling tree can be destructive, potentially causing personal injury and property damage. An unsupported tree is at greater jeopardy of failure, due to the combination of saturating heavy rains and strong winds. Cabling and bracing in combination provides tremendous additional stabilization, ensuring structural integrity.
  • Your trees can grow stronger: Cabling and bracing not only provide support during severe weather but, over time, help weaken the stronger areas of a tree. Working together, cabling and bracing guide future growth and correct any structural defects that may exist in the treated tree.
  • It aids the healing process: If your tree already has sustained damage, cabling and bracing can prevent additional trauma to the tree and give it time to heal. The structural support from the cables and rods nurtures your tree, encouraging strong future growth and facilitating the natural repair processes of the tree.

Cabling and bracing tree services in Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol in Tennessee

As weather patterns change, strong storms have become more common in Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol and the surrounding areas of Tennessee. You may experience severe weather in any month on the calendar. By the time a storm hits, it’s too late for you to take preventive measures. Protect your trees, your property and your loved ones now by contacting Promier Tree to install cables and braces to protect your trees from failure as a result of storm damage. Unsure about whether your trees can weather the next storm? Schedule a tree health evaluation or a risk assessment with a member of our staff.

Promier Tree has multiple arborists who are experienced and knowledgeable about all the species of tree native to East Tennessee. Moreover, all of our arborists are ISA-certified. Just call (423) 765-2626 or visit our website to make an appointment today.