All about Stump Grinding and Root Removal

tree stump removal

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Having a tree cut down on your property is one thing, but usually, stump grinding, and root removal can be an additional cost, which means the stump is sometimes left behind to deal with later. Regain full access of your property, and grow that green grass that you’ve always wanted sans stumps in the way by contacting Promier Tree to grind your tree stumps and remove old root systems in the Tri-Cities area.

Here’s what you need to know about the stump grinding and root removal process.

Did you know that many root systems are about as large as the tree itself? It may be hard to visualize that, especially since the roots grow underground and we tend not to think too much about what we don’t see. While skipping this step may seem like it’s saving you some dollars on the front end, there are reasons why you should consider getting your stumps ground and out of your way.

Eliminates threat to underground utilities

Even leftover root systems may attempt to sprout new growth, spreading to nearby utility lines or underground plumbing. You certainly don’t want this happening in a place where you can’t really see what’s going on until it’s too late.

Allows more flexibility with your landscaping, can grow grass better

No one really likes stumps sticking up in their yard. It’s an eyesore, and it can be a slipping or tripping hazard. Plus, it prevents you from being able to grow grass evenly throughout your landscape. Get rid of those stumps to eliminate these pitfalls.

Improves curb appeal

New homebuyers certainly don’t want to deal with the eyesore of old stumps, nor do they want to have to foot the bill to have them ground down or removed. In that case, improve your curb appeal by getting rid of those unwanted stumps. This will be especially beneficial if you are thinking about selling your home in the near future.

Are you concerned that stump grinding or root removal may harm nearby plants or trees?

Don’t be worried! Promier Tree, your tree stump removal servicer in Kingsport, uses cutting-edge equipment that removes the unwanted roots while leaving nearby plants and trees undisturbed. We take an approach of preserving your property as much as possible when working on your trees, whether we are pruning branches or removing roots or grinding stumps. We will even clean up the mess when we are finished!

Safety First, and Follow the Rules

Not only do we possess the necessary safety equipment to get the job done right the first time, but we also know which city or county permits to pull for removing trees. Most amateurs aren’t even aware that permits are an important aspect of the tree removal process.

Stump Removal in Tri-Cities

As you can see, there is a lot to consider before leaving those stumps and root systems behind. When you need the job done right, call Promier Tree at (423) 765-2626.

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