Is Removing Tree Stumps Worth the Cost?

removing tree stump

removing tree stumpJohnson City TN

It can be heartbreaking for a property owner to lose a tree due to disease or storm damage. But unfortunately, the tree gets cut down in many cases, and the stump remains behind. Although many property owners believe that the stump can be harmless, it’s essential to remove it. Today, our arborists at Promier Tree share on the blog why tree stump removal in Kingsport is worth the cost and how it can affect other aspects of your yard.

Improve Aesthetics

Tree stumps that remain after tree removal can be an eyesore. No matter how well-manicured your lawn is, an unsightly tree stump can reduce your home’s curb appeal. Therefore, our Kingsport tree stump removal company recommends removing tree stumps throughout your property, especially before putting your house on the market for better selling potential.

Prevent Growth

It may be surprising to learn that when you cut off the treetop, the roots can still sprout new shoots from the stump. Although the saplings may not seem threatening, the undesired growth can absorb rainwater and nutrients from the soil meant for other trees and plants. Furthermore, the tree stump can continue hoarding water and nutrients that could benefit your lawn. Therefore, to prevent growth, the tree stump must get removed.

Avoid Attracting Pests

Dead and decaying wood is a magnet for pest infestations. Our Johnson City tree stump removal pros explain that decaying wood attracts insects like beetles, termites, and ants that can cause issues for animals and people. Moreover, pests such as termites can easily find an entry point in your home, begin a new colony within your walls, and cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home’s structure.

Improve Safety

Remaining tree stumps can pose a tripping hazard for children, senior citizens, or visitors, especially when unaware of the stump’s location. Removing the tree stump eliminates a potential risk and can reduce liability concerns, even if it’s a low-lying stump. However, not only can people get injured, but lawn care equipment may receive damage. If your tree suffers severe storm damage, our Tri-Cities emergency storm cleanup crew can assist with both tree and tree stump removal, especially if the stump is out of the ground.

Release Space

The valuable space where your tree once stood could be used for another landscaping project or used to extend your lawn. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the tree base and roots so that you can pursue your next project.

Tree Stump Removal in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Tree stumps that remain behind after tree removal can pose multiple challenges for property owners when not adequately addressed. Even though it may cost more to finish the job and remove the tree stump, the other benefits of removing the stump can far outweigh the price. If you have a tree stump on your property you would like removed, feel free to contact our Tri-Cities trusted tree stump removal company, Promier Tree, by calling (423) 765-2626 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.