Why you should Remove Trees near Swimming Pools

remove trees around pool

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Your backyard swimming pool offers an oasis of relaxation on hot summer days. However, it can be challenging to swim when leaves are floating in the pool from nearby trees. From clogging your filter to taking extra time to clean the leaves out, having a tree near your pool could cause damage and a headache. Therefore, ISA-certified arborists in the Tri-Cities at Promier Tree are sharing reasons why you should remove trees near swimming pools so you can have a fun-filled summer.

  1. Eliminate Branch and Leaf Debris

Trees that grow near your pool can easily drop leaves and branches in the water. Although the leaves will float initially, eventually, they will sink and potentially clog the filters. Also, as leaves in the pool break down, their chemistry could change the pH balance of the water and encourage algae growth resulting in discoloration. Your Kingsport certified arborist at Promier Tree warns that branches and sticks that fall into your pool could cause problems if they poke into the lining. After the removal of your tree, your pool will remain clear and reduce the amount of time you need to invest in cleaning it.

  1. Prevent Root Growth Damage

Unlike branches and leaves, tree roots are not visible to the naked eye and could cause damage that you cannot see. Tree roots grow outward, seeking life-sustaining nutrients, and they will not stop because you install a pool. Roots can push on the sidewalls or bottom of your pool, resulting in curves and bumps to develop, making it uncomfortable to walk. Also, if the situation grows out of hand, it could eventually break through the side or lining and cause a leak. Your professional tree company in Johnson City, Promier Tree, ensures homeowners that once you remove a tree, the root will stop growing. Over time, the roots will rot due to insects and decomposition, so they should no longer be a threat to your summertime water play.

  1. Eliminate Critters and Insects

Trees are homes for squirrels, birds, insects, and the like. Therefore, the tree near your pool could result in soiling your water and surrounding patio furniture. Wildlife, like squirrels, are not perfect and may lose their grip, accidentally fall into the pool, and have no way to escape. Promier Tree’s certified arborist in Bristol warns that bees and wasps build their homes in trees and could swarm around the pool, leaving you dealing with flying insects. However, the removal of the tree also removes the presence of critters and insects as they will find other homes away from your pool area.

  1. Dead Tree Dangers

Aside from leaves and branches falling into the water, trees that rot from the inside pose extreme dangers to your pool and any other surrounding property. If the tree becomes unstable, it could fall on your swimming pool and cause irreparable damage that may cost more than the cost of tree removal. Your tree removal experts in Kingsport at Promier Tree warn that one bad storm and a dead tree increases your risk of severe damage from the tree falling over. Therefore, removing the dead tree before it damages your property can help eliminate dangers and create a safer swimming experience.

  1. Increase Your Water Temperature

Trees that hang over your swimming pool could prevent the water from warming to a comfortable temperature because of the shade. Removing the tree allows sunlight to reach the water and will warm the temperature on sunny days. Your Johnson City arborists at Promier Tree recommend warming your pool naturally with the sun. It is the preferred method for increasing your water temperature.

Tree Removal in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Trees that surround your pool may provide shade on sunny days, but they could also cause irreparable damage to your pool, spoiling your outdoor fun. To ensure the trees in your yard are not a threat to your pool or property, your Bristol certified arborist from Promier Tree recommends a health evaluation to prevent unwanted damage. If you have questions about trees near your pool or would like to schedule tree removal, feel free to call us at (423) 765-2626 or visit our website for a free quote.