What to do when a Dead Tree Falls on your Property

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Dead trees on your home or business property can increase possible injuries or damage to property. In addition, dead trees can pose a risk to surrounding trees, whether they toppled from a severe storm or their trunk gave out after being hollowed. Unfortunately, many Tri-Cities homeowners and business owners are unsure of what to do when a tree falls on the property. Therefore, our Kingsport emergency tree service company, Promier Tree, shares what you can do to protect your home when a dead tree falls.

Should I remove a fallen dead tree?

In short, yes. Fallen trees on personal or business property can be unsightly and unwelcoming. Moreover, they reduce your property’s curb appeal and can be an eyesore, even if the remainder is professionally manicured. In addition, dead trees can become a breeding ground for pests like termites and rats as the wood rots and decays. Our tree care pros in Bristol explain that once pests establish a home, they can freely move to other plants, trees, or structures in your yard. In addition, some pests may find entry points to your home and stake their residential claim within your walls. Furthermore, trees that die from disease can spread the disease to other trees and plants on your property and around the neighborhood.

Should I try to remove the fallen tree myself?

Single trees, even those that are dead, can weigh several tons. Therefore, it should not be surprising that trees can cause severe injury or kill someone when trying to dismantle them. Even though the fallen dead tree may seem easy to remove, our Johnson City tree removal experts recommend hiring a licensed and insured company that can effectively and efficiently remove dead branches or trees without risking personal injury or property damage. A professional company, like Promier Tree, possesses knowledge, experience, training, and tools to make the job easier and less risky to surrounding trees or structures.

How can I tell if I have a dead tree or am at risk of tree failure?

Many property owners fail to maintain their trees regularly with yearly pruning. However, with regular maintenance and arborist health evaluations, you can protect your trees and increase their lifespan. When you hire a professional tree service in the Tri-Cities area to maintain your trees, preventative treatments and disease inspections are typically part of the offered services. In addition, monitoring your trees and addressing structural concerns early in the tree lifecycle can help prevent future complications, including disease control. The result is a preemptive strike to protect yourself and your family, visitors, home, or other surrounding property from tree damage.

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Removing dead trees from your property should be a priority because there is no indication when they may fall. Although it may take years, it may also take a few days, especially when a strong storm passes. To find out more about the health status of your property’s trees, please contact our ISA-Certified arborists in the Tri-Cities area at Promier Tree for a consultation. Feel free to schedule an appointment by calling our office at (423) 765-2626 or contact us online.