Tips on Clearing Land after Tree Removal

clearing land after tree removal

clearing land after tree removalJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Whether you’re looking to clear your land to create more useable space or build your dream home, the first step is tree removal. But, that’s not the only task you need to accomplish before your land is ready for use. After the trees are cut down, there is still a significant amount of work to be done to prepare the land. Today on the blog, our Kingsport arborists share tips on clearing land after tree removal.

  1. Remove Roots

Tree root systems are intricate and could extend underneath your lawn or pop up in various places, creating a tripping hazard or making mowing difficult. Once the trees are cut down, you should also have all the root systems removed. It is essential if you want to have a smooth landscape. Plus, lingering root systems are known to sprout new trees. This is especially the case for Elm trees. Root removal may leave large holes or pits across your yard. So, be prepared to have dirt or soil delivered to fill in holes.

  1. Remove Shrubs and Bushes

At Promier Tree, our top-rated arborists in Johnson City treat more than just trees. Arborists also treat or remove shrubs and bushes. Unless you have a collection that provides an aesthetic appeal, we recommend removing shrubs and bushes because they usually just end up causing weeds to become entangled. Shrubs and bushes are generally a lot easier to remove, along with the entire root system.

  1. Remove Brush Piles

If the property was used as a dumping ground for old brush or Christmas trees that accumulated throughout the years, a tree removal company like Promier Tree offers tree mulching in Kingsport.

  1. Prune Existing Trees

Clearing out your land and removing unwanted or diseased trees is best complimented by pruning existing trees that will remain on your property. Our Johnson City arborists can carefully prune your trees to encourage proper growth. Pruning also is necessary to maintain the health of your trees, as well as remove dead or diseased branches from the trees you want to keep. Our tree specialists are knowledgable and skilled in pruning trees and do so using up-to-date safety precautions.

If you need help restoring your tree’s health or need to change the shape of your tree by removing limbs, it is time to hire the Tri-Cities arborists at Promier Tree. Whether you require professional help removing unwanted trees, stumps, and roots from your property or need a health inspection on your Kingsport trees, we can help. With friendly, knowledgeable arborists on staff, we provide excellent service to customers in the Tri-Cities area and help lengthen the lives of trees in our community. Call us today at (423) 430-6270 or contact us online for a consultation.