The Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

diy tree removal

diy tree removalJohnson City, TN

Most everyone has been tempted before to tackle DIY projects to save some money. Google and YouTube offer “how to” videos that help make anyone feel like a professional — or at least confident enough to handle a job around the home.

But this is risky business, to say the least, when it comes to something as large and potentially dangerous as trees. DIY tree removal is a risk to property and people.

Contrary to what some may believe, cutting a tree down is a science. Usually, anyone who attempts to tackle tree removal ends up hurt or with more problems than the one problem that the DIY attempt intended to solve. Not to mention the person spends money on specialty tools and equipment that are likely never to be used again. And if the removal attempt eventually fails, money that was wasted on equipment could have gone toward the cost of more efficient, cleaner and safer professional removal.

Our ISA-certified arborists in Johnson City are trained, skilled and experienced in tree removal, and today they’re sharing risk factors of DIY tree removal and why this is one job best left to the pros:

Risks with tools and equipment

If climbing a tall ladder with a chainsaw in hand isn’t a frightening enough visual, then imagine losing control of the chainsaw and/or losing your balance and potentially falling from a very tall ladder. A bit of science: the height of a ladder must be just right when cutting trees or else large branches can over-leverage a chainsaw operator, pulling him or her off a ladder.

The rule of thumb: if your tree work requires a tall ladder, it’s better to leave the job to our Bristol-area tree pros.

Dull or improper tools can also cause accidents — even death. Proper safety gear is a must, including harnesses, a hard hat, chainsaw pants that protect the legs, safety gloves and glasses, etc. By the time it’s all said and done, you could hire a professional for the amount of money you’d spend on proper equipment and tools to cut down a tree.

Risks from lack of knowledge/miscalculations

Tree removal requires calculating angles to cut and factoring variables such as gravity, limb weight and tree height. One tiny slip, and a large, heavy branch can fall the wrong way, risking injury to property or persons. Poor judgment, miscalculations, human error and overall lack of experience can produce dangerous, potentially tragic consequences. Other considerations include decaying wood, which can make trimming limbs unpredictable and dangerous, and risks to surroundings like power lines.


Even if all your calculations are spot-on and you aren’t injured or, frankly, killed while attempting a DIY tree removal project, the cleanup — trust us — is a massive undertaking. It’s time-consuming, and it’s messy. What takes our professionals less than a day could take you weeks to complete.

Arborists in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

DIY tree removal is dangerous. To the contrary, our trained, experienced ISA-certified arborists at Promier Tree in the Tri-cities area have the proper tools and equipment to prevent falls or major accidents. We can identify decay in a tree and any imbalances in limbs that could cause uses below while trimming up high. We know how to avoid or work around power lines. We are trained to remove trees quickly and with no damage to property or people. Don’t take the risk of DIY tree removal yourself. Give us a call at (423) 430-6270, or contact us online today for a consultation.