Why you should leave Tree Removal to the Professionals

leave tree removal to professionals

leave tree removal to professionalsJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Is there a tree that is poorly placed in your yard? Is it teetering over your deck, roof or shed? Maybe it’s just unhealthy and needs to be removed. No matter the circumstances, if a tree should be removed, trying to solve the problem yourself by climbing up a tree with sharp objects could prove dangerous for many home or business owners. Tree removal is a job that only should be done for trained professionals such as the certified arborists in the Tri-Cities at Promier Tree. Cutting down or even trimming a tree takes special tools and techniques uncommon for even the most experienced do-it-yourself homeowner, which is why Promier Tree has several reasons why tree removal is best left to the professionals.

When using a chainsaw, even on your own property, there is safety equipment that must be worn such as safety glasses, ear protection, head protection, face coverage to protect you from splintering wood, chainsaw-safe boots or footwear, and chainsaw-protective chaps or coveralls. This protective gear can prevent unwanted and potentially life-threatening injuries.

Safety equipment for your chainsaw aside, already possessing tree-pruning techniques is a non-negotiable when it comes to tree removal. All pruning techniques have a specific purpose. “Cleaning” a tree is when you remove dead, diseased, or dying limbs from the tree’s crown. You could also “thin” a tree by reducing heavy branches. Thinning serves the purpose of allowing sunlight to hit the tree, while it remains able to maintain a natural, healthy shape. When you remove lower branches, thus providing clear space for vehicles or pedestrians to see, it is called ”raising.” When you have power lines in danger, a technique that is known as ”reduction” is used to cut back branches. Any of these techniques, if not done properly, could pose serious harm to you, the tree or your property.

Unless you are an experienced tree professional you risk a multitude of problems by attempting tree removal on your own.

There are variables to consider, such as … 

  • How experienced are you with these dangerous power tools?
  • How tall are the branches you need to remove?
  • Are the tree limbs too heavy to carry?

A power tool like a chainsaw can be the difference between having all your limbs and losing one. A tree limb that is too high would mean you needed climbing equipment and knowledge of how to maintain yourself that high up in a tree. If you don’t have that knowledge, and the proper safety gear, it could lead to a falling accident or dropping a dangerous tool. It’s recommended that you never use a ladder when cutting a tree because they’re innately too dangerous for the job. Moreover, the limbs you’re attempting to cut could be far too heavy for you to hold alone. You could end up with a wild branch falling on your home, vehicle, or another person.

Though dangers are not always enough to stop people from attempting DIY tree removal, you should consider that all it takes to prevent a terrible accident is one phone call. Contacting an ISA certified arborist in the Tri-Cities like the ones on staff at Promier Tree could mean the difference between safe tree removal or a disaster that results in costly property damage and/or medical bills. The average chainsaw injury alone can end up leaving you with a trip to the emergency room that results in medical treatment and thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Professional Tree Removal in Tri-Cities

A good rule of green thumb is if you can’t do the job standing on the ground, call a professional. Promier Tree has the tools to handle the maintenance and removal of trees, along with knowledgeable and experienced professionals who can do the job quickly and safely.  If you’re located in the Bristol, Johnson City, or Kingsport, TN areas contact the professionals at Promier Tree by phone today at (423) 765-2626.