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Tree removal is not for amateurs. A complex, highly technical and potentially dangerous job such as tree removal should be performed by trained and qualified professionals like the staff at Promier Tree.

Advantages of tree removal

Removing a damaged or diseased tree from your property improves the health and aesthetics of your outdoor landscape. It also can address potential safety or liability issues.

What to expect from a tree removal

Tree removal, as mentioned above, can be a challenging task. Neighborhood trees usually have other valuable plantings and structures surrounding them. Trees in urban areas, meanwhile, can be hazardous to the public.

A standard tree removal involves taking down the tree, chipping brush, cutting all wood into logs and cutting the stump or stumps as close as possible to the ground or complete stump removal. Our staff can stack the wood near the base of the removed tree or remove it from the site, depending on the preference of each client.

Removal procedures for large trees carry their own set of risks and protocol. A large tree must be dismantled carefully and in a safe manner. At Promier Tree, our experienced and well-trained staff use top-of-the-line tools and machinery to dismantle a tree carefully while making sure that you and your property remains protected.

Tree removal alternatives

Sometimes, trees interfere with the health and vigor of surrounding trees, or it threatens buildings, driveways or utility wires.

In these cases, a Promier Tree arborist may be able to find an alternative to removal. Cabling and bracing can provide additional support to a tree found to be structurally weak. This support also can extend the life of a tree.

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