Why Pruning Trees in late Winter is a Good Idea

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There are many reasons to prune trees. Regular pruning helps keep your trees looking their best, keeps them in good health, and removes the potential risk to people, animals, and property if dead or weakened tree limbs fall. However, when it comes deciding when to prune, all days and seasons are not created equal. Your tree maintenance experts in Kingsport at Promier Tree are here to explain why late winter can be one of the best times of the year to prune your trees.

Pruning in the winter, when plants are dormant, makes a difference

Most trees and shrubs are dormant this time of year—meaning their metabolism, and energy consumption all slow down. When a tree gets pruned in the winter while dormant, it helps create a reserve of energy that can be a great help during the springtime to heal any wounds in the tree while also encouraging vigorous growth to obscure the cuts made during pruning. When trees go dormant, the majority of the diseases and insects that can harm them also go dormant. That greatly reduces the risk of infestation or infections in the areas of the tree that become exposed when pruning cuts are made.

Pruning in the winter after leaves have had time to fall makes it easier to see the full structure of your tree, and your Kingsport tree trimmers can identify damaged and diseased branches with greater ease. This allows a more thorough pruning of your trees.

Regular tree pruning is a crucial part of your maintenance plan

As mentioned above, regular pruning prolongs the life and appearance of your trees. Pruning improves the structural integrity of trees and helps shape the growth and branch architecture of young and mature trees. Pruning also cuts down on the likelihood that a disease or fungal infection will develop, as well as the potential of storm damage, especially if low-hanging branches are targeted during pruning.

Professional tree pruning in Kingsport

Maybe you do all your own gardening and lawn care and want to handle tree pruning as well. At Promier Tree, we applaud that do-it-yourself mentality, but tree pruning is different from other types of landscaping. First, you should have a plan before you start pruning and a vision of what you want the tree to look like when you are finished. You also need to be able to identify branches that are dead, diseased, or damaged. And, you run a physical risk, especially if pruning your tree involves climbing a ladder while carrying some sort of sharp tool to make the pruning cuts.

That’s why we strongly recommend choosing our professional tree pruning services in Kingsport. We have access to higher-quality, more effective equipment than what most consumers own. Each of our certified arborists also has significant training and experience that allows them to prune a tree well, detect any problematic branches, and improve or maintain the overall shape of your tree, all while working with maximum safety.

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