How to Prune a Tree without Killing It

how to prune a tree

how to prune a treeJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Trees are a natural resource that provides beauty and shade in the Tri-Cities area. Another invaluable service provided by trees is the absorption of carbon dioxide and other hazardous gasses from the atmosphere while continuously releasing fresh oxygen. Also, trees are vital to the Earth’s ecosystem as they provide food and shelter for animals. Therefore, the care of your trees is critical when it comes to trimming or pruning. The ISA certified arborists in Kingsport at Promier Tree share how to prune a tree without killing it so that your tree can have a long life and add value to your property.

How much care do trees need?

Sapling trees require human intervention to survive and thrive. From watering the roots to gently pruning the limbs to maintain its shape, saplings need regular care as they mature. After your trees mature, there is less care required from you because their roots extend deep into the soil for critical life-sustaining water and nutrients. However, some regular maintenance activities that the local Johnson City certified arborists recommend ensure your trees remain healthy for many years.

Two maintenance tasks are pruning and trimming, which are different procedures to alter the tree’s shape or improve its health. When you trim your tree, removing the branches is more for aesthetic purposes and reducing overgrown limbs that could be dangerous in heavy winds and storms. When you prune your tree, removing the branches is strategic to rid the tree of loose, infected, or dead branches while remaining focused on health and wellness.

What is the best plan for pruning my trees?

Before grabbing a saw and hacking away at limbs that grab your attention at the moment, take a second to think about the reasons behind cutting your tree. By thinking through your pruning plan, you can determine the best possible approach and the right tools to complete the job. The Bristol ISA certified arborists near you advise homeowners to make strategic cuts in a particular order for the best results. If you are afraid of cutting the wrong branches or do not have the appropriate tools needed for pruning, feel free to call Promier Tree to help determine which limbs are best for removal and allow us to complete the job for you.

Tree Pruning in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Pruning trees on your property can provide aesthetic improvements and add value to your home or property. By properly caring for your trees, you can extend their life and enjoy the beautiful leaves and cool shade they provide. If you feel confident you can prune your trees yourself, the tree care experts in Kingsport recommend speaking with a certified arborist before cutting and exercising caution when using pruning tools. After all, pruning may be harmful to your tree’s health if not done correctly, resulting in a shortened lifespan or complete tree removal. However, if you prefer to have your trees professionally pruned, feel free to contact Promier Tree by calling (423) 765-2626 or contact us online for a consultation today.