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pruning and maintenanceJohnson City TN

Tree care services performed by a certified arborist, like the ones on our staff at Promier Tree, enhance the natural aesthetics of your trees and shrubs while also making them stronger and healthier.

One of the most important tree care services we offer is pruning. Tree pruning helps both your tree and your overall outdoor landscape. It can care for any issues that may put your tree at risk while also improving the structure, shape, and appearance of the tree.

Why is tree pruning important?

  • Pruning helps a tree live a longer, healthier life. Any diseased, broken or dead branches are removed. Such maintenance prevents any potential disease-causing fungi from infecting healthy parts of the tree.
  • Pruning improves the structural integrity of your tree. This is especially true when pruning young trees, which also is known as developmental tree pruning. This sort of maintenance shapes young trees to have desirable branch architecture as well as a sound structure. Pruning trees while young also reduces the risk of expensive problems with these trees as they mature.
  • Pruning improves the aesthetics of your tree and your entire outdoor landscape.
  • Pruning reduces the risk of storm damage, and the potential danger of falling limbs onto pedestrian walkways, power lines, driveways or buildings. We suggest pruning low-hanging branches as part of a more comprehensive strategy for storm damage prevention.

For professionals only!

Pruning can cause serious harm to a tree if not performed correctly, which can shorten the life of a tree or even lead to tree removal. The arborists at Promier Tree know how to provide proper care.

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