Do Trees Need Watering During the Summer?

watering trees in summers

watering trees in summersJohnson City TN

Keeping trees hydrated during the scorching summer months can be challenging for homeowners and business owners. Between extreme heat and drought periods, your trees are in constant danger. Therefore, regular maintenance is a must to prevent premature tree death. Our Tri-Cities ISA-certified arborists at Promier Tree explain on the blog today that trees need watering during the summer, when you should water them and how much water they need for their survival and growth.

Established Trees vs. Newly Planted Trees

Our Kingsport tree experts explain that summer weather can be harsh on established and newly planted trees. Some established tree roots may extend deep into this soil, but the roots stretch out in the first foot of soil in most cases. Therefore, established trees require deep watering to reach several feet below this surface. On the other hand, newly planted trees will require watering three times per week, depending on the weather. Otherwise, the tree’s roots may dry out as they are not long enough to dig deep into the soil for moisture. Therefore, as the newly planted tree roots grow during the first few months, it’s crucial to maintain moist soil conditions to promote deep root growth.

Water Trees During Cool Temperatures

Summertime mornings begin with cooler air and ground surface temperatures. Fortunately, when you water your trees in the morning hours, you experience less evaporation and ensure trees receive a maximum water amount that seeps deep to the roots instead of evaporating. Our Johnson City ISA-Certified arborists explain that you can water your trees in the early evening if early morning watering is not possible due to your schedule. At that time, it’s still light, but it’s not excruciatingly hot like midday. We recommend watering your trees early enough for foliage to dry before nightfall to reduce susceptibility to various fungi.

Administer the Proper Water Amount

Understanding how much water your tree needs is crucial when providing care. Too much water can essentially drown the tree root, while under watering can result in dehydration and death. Although watering trees is a delicate balance, Our Bristol tree care pros recommend watering your trees approximately three times longer than your lawn. In most cases, your trees should receive water every three days, with about 5 gallons of water each time. However, the trees on your property may vary and could use slightly more or less water. To determine the appropriate water amount for your tree species is to investigate the soil moisture level below the surface. When soil is dry, more frequent watering can remedy the problem, and when soil is soggy, less regular watering can reduce soil moisture content. The best way to ensure your plants and trees receive the proper amount of water at the perfect time is to hire a landscaping contractor in Kingsport to install an irrigation system for you.

Mulch Helps Retain Ground Moisture

Mulch around a tree can provide health benefits and improve your property’s aesthetics.

However, it’s important to remember the few critical details outlined below when using mulch.

  • Mulch is a natural insulator for the soil and helps buffer the tree from scorching hot temperatures.
  • Mulch retains water and can keep tree roots moist during dry periods.
  • Mulch reduces weed and root competition for nutrients and moisture.
  • Mulch helps prevent soil compaction, making the soil more likely to remain moist instead of drying up.
  • Mulch should not touch the tree base to prevent wood rot and insect infestations. Instead, you should place fresh, natural mulch, like bark or wood chips, five inches away from the trunk and no deeper than four inches.

Tree Care Company in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

Tree health can be challenging to protect in a harsh and unrelenting natural environment. However, you can easily care for your trees by ensuring they receive proper water during the worst summer conditions. If you are unsure about your tree’s health or have a question about proper watering techniques, please get in touch with our ISA-Certified arborists in Kingsport at Promier Tree by calling (423) 765-2626 or contact us online today.