6 Ways to Keep your Trees in Good Shape

keep trees in good shape

keep trees in good shapeJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

The trees on your property have benefits that go beyond the beautiful foliage and shade they provide. Not only do they provide aesthetic improvements to your home or business, but they also increase your property value if they are in good shape. Given tree characteristics of slow growth and expensive saplings at the nursery, replacing a tree can be challenging and costly. The local ISA certified arborists in Bristol at Promier Tree share six ways to keep your trees in good shape while protecting the value of your property.

  1. Get an Expert Health Evaluation

An expert health evaluation can uncover health concerns with your tree. For most property owners, holes in the bark, undersized leaves, tracks of sawdust around the tree base, or changing color earlier than surrounding trees may seem normal. However, the conditions can be symptoms of underlying health problems requiring attention from a professional arborist in Kingsport. A health evaluation can also aid in early detection and help treat the tree before the situation becomes dire, which could lead to tree death and require removal.

  1. Remove Dead or Problem Branches

Cleaning up the trees on your property by removing the dead or problem branches can promote your tree’s health while extending its life. Deadwooding your trees may cause the tree to reduce sugar production, making it more attractive to insects. As insects attack the tree, it could weaken branches or the supportive trunk. Branches that suffered storm damage should be removed by an experienced arborist in Johnson City to prevent structural or personal property damage. The crown thinning process helps remove select branches to allow more light to shine through and decrease wind resistance.

  1. Prune Regularly

Throughout the growth process, pruning your trees can maintain the tree’s health while keeping an aesthetically pleasing shape. The best time of year to prune your trees is during the late fall or winter months to reduce stress on the tree. The timing also keeps pest infestations to a minimum because of the colder temperatures. The branches touching your home, blocking visibility near streets and intersections, or rubbing together should be cut while pruning. Although you can prune your trees, it is a job suited for local Bristol arborists to ensure your trees’ safety and protection. A horrible pruning experience may ruin the development of strong roots or prevent fruit production.

  1. Avoid Topping

A topped tree is easy to spot as it looks like a tree trunk with mini branches and leaves. Most arborists agree that tree topping can significantly damage a tree if too much foliage gets removed. After tree topping, the tops of the trees need regular maintenance. As sprouts emerge, Kingsport tree care professionals warn they could attract insects resulting in tree damage.

  1. Treat Insect Infested Trees

Some trees become infested with insects and suffer structural and health damage. From the emerald ash borer to pine beetles, insects can rob the life from your tree. When you uncover an infested tree, have a well-trained Johnson City arborist investigate the situation and determine the best treatment. Professional insect infestation treatments protect your tree’s health and keep the infestation from spreading to other trees and bushes. Untreated infestations cause significant damage by weakening their structure and possibly causing the tree to die.

  1. Take Care of Young Trees

Saplings require special care and attention since they are not mature enough to withstand weather conditions such as extreme hot or cold temperatures. Bristol’s knowledgeable tree care company explains that young trees require more water and care than well-established trees. To help the growth process, use the best soil type for the tree species you chose. Also, arborists recommend pruning your tree from a young age to promote healthy growth and a strong structure.

Tree Care in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

There are multiple so-called tree experts you can hire to work on your property’s trees. However, an ISA certified arborist in the Tri-Cities can provide the most knowledge about tree care to home or business owners. Through tree evaluation and regular maintenance, you can increase your home or business’s value by investing time and attention into your tree’s health. If your trees need care by professionals who have the tree’s best interest at heart, feel free to call Promier Tree at (423) 765-2626 or contact us online for a consultation.