3 Tips for Protecting Mature Trees

caring for mature tree

caring for mature treeJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Mature trees on your property could provide beauty, shade, and increase your home’s curb appeal. When mature trees are healthy, they can be beneficial by keeping your home cooler during the summer months reducing energy costs and add to your home’s overall appraised value. Therefore, maintaining mature trees is critical to keep them healthy and beautiful. Your leading tree care company in Kingsport at Promier Tree is providing three tips for protecting mature trees so that you can enjoy their functional beauty for the long haul.

  1. Proper Watering Techniques

While newly planted trees need a lot of water to boost growth, mature trees also need sufficient water to maintain a healthy life. If the tree is not watered enough, it could cause the underlying roots to dry out, resulting in the lack of absorption of critical minerals from the soil. If your tree is watered too much, it could potentially cause fungus to grow and spread, causing decay and eventually death of the tree.

Monitoring your tree and the soil conditions surrounding it should help in controlling the proper moisture balance needed for a healthy tree. Soil consistency should regularly be checked and remain moist, not soggy. If you notice the soil is soggy, or water is puddling around the base of the tree, refrain from watering your tree for a few days so it can soak up the residual water.

If the soil is dry, it is time to water your tree. According to the Arbor Day Foundation, the best time to water your trees is during the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler to avoid water loss due to evaporation from the sun. Also, watering your tree slowly with approximately 10 gallons of water per inch of the tree’s diameter, depending on the species, should provide enough moisture for your mature tree. If you are unsure about the maintenance of your tree, contact our ISA-certified arborists in Bristol at Promier Tree for more information.

  1. Root Protection

Although the roots of your trees are underground, the condition of the tree roots will affect its health. Without a healthy root system to provide much-needed nutrients, your tree will stop growing and blooming in the spring. In addition, weakened or unhealthy roots could cause issues with the tree’s structural integrity. This could pose a threat to your home or your own safety. If you are concerned that a mature tree could fall or cause damage to your property, ask our Johnson City arborists about a tree evaluation.

One of the leading causes of unhealthy roots is compacted soil surrounding the tree. When the soil is hard and compacted, it could cause problems for water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the root system resulting in distress for your tree. Aerating the soil around the tree and mixing in compost or fertilizer are two effective ways your tree maintenance experts in Johnson City at Promier Tree recommend to revitalize the soil surrounding your tree.

  1. Correct Pruning Procedures

As part of helping the growth of young trees, pruning is a critical step. It is also beneficial for mature trees to aid in maintaining appearance and health. As a tree matures, excessive pruning could cause distress from multiple wounds. The exposure could allow excessive moisture or pests to invade your tree, leading to potential infestations, fungus, damage, or the tree could die and be at risk of causing damage.

Timely pruning when there are damaged, decaying, or hazardous branches could increase the health of your tree while protecting it from additional damage. The best time of year to prune your tree is typically determined by the species. For example, deciduous trees usually respond well when pruned in the late winter or early spring while they are dormant. Trees that blossom in the spring should be pruned shortly after they bloom. To achieve the best results during your pruning process, your certified arborists in the tri-cities area at Promier Tree can provide proper pruning care for your trees.

Mature Tree Care in Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City

Part of the beauty and value of your home are the trees surrounding it. Healthy trees could provide years of shade and curb appeal. If you have questions about how to care for mature trees or need assistance in determining the health of your trees, feel free to contact your leading tree arborists in Kingsport at Promier Tree for a consultation today. Call (423) 765-2626 or contact us online, and one of our certified arborists will be happy to assist you.