How to Keep Bamboo From Spreading

containing bamboo

containing bambooJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Bamboo is often planted to add privacy but can quickly spread and invade areas of your yard that you do not want to be covered by this dense plant. If you don’t control bamboo, it can become a problem fast. Here are some tips for controlling the bamboo planted in your yard, or removing it completely.

To limit the spread of bamboo, dig a trench that is 18” deep and 4” wide along the area where the bamboo is planted. Fill the trench with concrete, which acts as a barrier to the root system, preventing further spread. The concrete will keep the bamboo contained within the trenched area.

If you want to eliminate bamboo completely, cut it down as low as possible. Allow the bamboo to grow only tall enough to mow or cut down with a weed eater. Continue this cycle diligently. The regrowth will begin depleting the nutrients in the soil, which means the bamboo will eventually give up and stop growing. This process may take several months, so be patient!

What to do with the leftovers

Once you initially cut down your bamboo, there are many fun projects you can use them for, just get creative! Dry out the bamboo and use it for crafts, décor, or even to build a play structure for your kids or pets. If you are not feeling crafty, see if your city offers brush removal services, and just leave it at the curb!

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