Improve your Home’s Curb Appeal with these Professional Tree Services

improve curb appeal

improve curb appealJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

The trees surrounding your home can add both beauty and value to your property. No matter if you want to spruce up your landscape for better curb appeal or are preparing to sell your home, the trees on your property could make a difference in the buyer’s perception of the value of your home. Therefore, your leading tree care professionals in the Tri-Cities area, Promier Tree is providing information about how to improve your home’s curb appeal with these professional tree services.

  1. Tree Planting

When you consider adding new trees to your property, some species of trees will not only enhance your curb appeal but could also increase the value of your home. For example, Dogwood or Japanese Maple trees could add a different dimension and charm to your landscape because of their natural structure and bark design. Not only do specific species need to be considered, but the planting location must be well thought out to provide the best shade and aesthetics for your home. This helps avoid potential future problems such as interference with your home’s foundation or septic system. To help you make the best decision, consider scheduling a consultation with an arborist in Johnson City at Promier Tree to help you decide the best location for your new tree where it will both thrive and provide curb appeal to your home.

  1. Tree Relocation

As trees grow and mature, they can outgrow their current location requiring them to be moved to another location on your property. Although they are moved, they can still survive and thrive while continuing to provide curb appeal and maintain the value of your home. The mature tree must be in a healthy condition before the relocation process, and your professional tree care company in Johnson City can provide both a health evaluation before relocation as well as the equipment and expertise to get the job done safely. Unfortunately, not all trees can be relocated due to age or health status. Therefore, our arborists can advise whether your tree is healthy enough to be transplanted or should be removed entirely.

  1. Tree Removal

Trees that are poorly placed, damaged, dying or dead could harm the curb appeal and your home’s overall value. In those specific situations, it is best to contact a professional tree service company in Johnson City like Promier Tree to assist you with the removal of the tree. Removing a tree on your own could potentially cause bodily harm or damage to your property or your neighbor’s. Promier Tree has highly trained technicians that know how to carefully remove a tree without causing additional damage while maintaining overall curb appeal.

  1. Tree Pruning

Proper tree pruning and maintenance is key to the health and aesthetic of your trees as they grow and mature. The frequency of pruning varies from one species to another. For example, large shade trees should only need pruning every few years to maintain their health and shape. On the other hand, fruit trees benefit from pruning each year to aid in promoting healthy fruit production. To find out the best time to have the trees pruned on your property is to have a certified arborist in Kingsport to provide a tree health evaluation.

Professional Tree Services in Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City

Your home is an investment and your landscape design and tree growth are a compliment to that investment. As you regularly maintain your trees by promoting good health practices, you are sure to enjoy the trees around your home for years to come. When you are ready to assess the trees on your property, the professional tree care specialists at Promier Tree would be happy to assist you. Feel free to call (423) 765-2626 or contact us for more information or consultation from our professional arborists online today.