4 Ways Kingsport Arborists Enhance your Home’s Curb Appeal

enhance curb appeal

enhance curb appealJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

The first impression anyone gets of your home is seeing the exterior. Curb appeal, a term used to describe the attractiveness of the outside of your home, plays an important role in determining your home’s value. Any trees on your property, if well-maintained, are crucial to your home’s curb appeal. In fact, a single mature tree can add anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 to your home’s property value, according to the Arbor Day Foundation. Promier Tree wants to share with you four ways that our Kingsport arborists can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Tree Planting

The placement of a tree or lack of trees in your yard can greatly impact your home value. An ISA-certified arborist in Johnson City, like the ones on staff at Promier Tree, can help you decide where trees will add the most value. Our experts can inspect your yard, show you the best locations, and provide planting assistance. Planting the correct species of trees can do tremendous amounts for your property, both aesthetically and financially. Individual species of trees can serve different purposes. Dogwoods are charming and considered local treasures. Japanese maples can be quite ornate and elaborate, while a unique witch-hazel tree adds a spectacular visual appeal.

Relocating a Tree

When a tree is planted or naturally grows in a less-than-ideal location, problems may not appear until later. Trees can outgrow their current location. This doesn’t mean the tree has to be cut down or removed. Instead, a mature tree can be relocated. Moving a tree should be done while a tree is in the growth phase. We can send one of our Johnson City arborists to inspect your problematic tree. Relocating your tree only makes sense if you have a better alternate location where it won’t be a hazard.

Tree Removal

Maybe you can’t relocate your oversized or poorly placed tree. Perhaps your tree is sick, dying, or completely dead. Just leaving the tree could make your property look less appealing. Promier Tree can simply remove the tree for you. Our technicians have the training and professional-grade equipment to handle your tree and stump removal needs.

Pruning Your Trees

Ideal tree growth and shape very seldom happen without proper care and maintenance. Trees should be pruned regularly to encourage their own prosperity and continued health. Pruning also extends the life of your tree and lowers the risk of storm damage. If your trees are fruit bearing, pruning is essential for fruit production.

Tree Care in Kingsport

We hope this information is helpful to you, but now you have to decide the best option for your trees, your property, and the value of your home. The next step should be scheduling a consultation with one of the arborists at Promier Tree. Our arborists have a wealth of training, knowledge, and experience dealing with all varieties of trees native to the areas of Bristol, Kingsport, and Johnson City, TN.

If you are trying to increase your home’s curb appeal and property value in the Tri-Cities, then contact Promier Tree. Making the choice to seek out the professional advice of one of our certified arborists will be one of the best decisions you make about your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re trying to sell your home or just looking to improve the appearance of your property, Promier Tree can help. Schedule a comprehensive consultation today by calling our office at (423) 765-2626.