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health evaluationJohnson City TN

An attractive and well-maintained outdoor landscape adds value to your property, but that value will be lost if your trees and shrubs are not taken care of, or succumb to pests and disease. To guarantee a long life for your trees or shrubs, one of the arborists at Promier Tree can come to your property and perform a tree health evaluation.

Arborists have education and unique professional training that allows them to find potential problem areas that the average person will not notice. Things that seem as inconsequential as discolored or undersized leaves, holes in the bark, tracks of sawdust or even leaves changing color too early in the fall can all be signs of major problems that potentially affect your trees and shrubs.

Early treatment

Sports fans probably have heard the phrase that the best defense is a good offense. The same theory applies to treating trees and shrubs; a pro-active approach in the case of infection or infestation is vital to stop any problems before they become overwhelming. These problems can stem from insects, not to mention molds, fungi, viruses and bacteria.

Why is an evaluation necessary?

When insects or disease take over a tree, this property asset becomes a hindrance. Fixing the problem can be expensive or eventually kill the tree and force removal, which is another costly endeavor. Plus, many trees and shrubs on family properties have sentimental value. Our arborists can perform evaluations even on healthy trees and shrubs, and recommend maintenance treatments to guarantee a longer life.

An arborist can also determine whether a diseased or damaged tree must be removed, or if it can be nourished back to health.

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