emergency storm cleanup

emergency storm cleanupJohnson City TN

Sometimes, getting through a storm is only part of the battle. In its wake, extreme weather can leave a path of destruction on your property by damaging or knocking down trees.

Promier Tree offers emergency, 24/7 service in the following situations:

  • When your home or business has become damaged
  • When your driveway or access road has become blocked
  • When a branch or tree has fallen on your vehicle

These situations do not just occur during the summer or thunderstorm season. Wind storms, snow storms and floods also can bring down large branches or trees.

Our staff always has someone on call during inclement weather, ready to provide any assistance that you may require during emergency storm cleanup. We have the training, skills and on-the-job experience to respond to these weather-related emergencies.

Why hire an arborist for emergency storm cleanup?

Many hazards caused by storm damage may not be obvious to the untrained individual. A certified arborist has the training to inspect for issues resulting from the weather and can perform potentially dangerous tasks like a climbing inspection or branch removal.

Protecting trees from storm damage

A pre-storm strategy can be the best defense against storm damage to your trees and property. These strategies can identify any potential hazards before they become truly dangerous, and reduce the risk of damage before bad weather hits.

Certain treatments such as the installation of cables or braces, for example, can help a tree withstand high winds or heavy snow. Pruning any dead or hanging limbs is also beneficial.

Should my storm-damaged tree be topped?

No! Topping causes problems for a tree later in life and is prohibited by industry standards. Never hire an arborist who suggests topping as a solution to storm damage or as part of a pre-storm damage prevention strategy.

Count on the staff at Promier Tree to provide some calm for you after the storm. For emergency storm cleanup, call Promier Tree at (423) 765-2626.

Promier Tree serves the areas of Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport, TN.