3 Benefits to Cabling and Bracing your Trees

tree cabling

Johnson City, TN Living in East Tennessee, you know how severe storms can hit during the spring and summer months. Driving rain and harsh winds can damage your trees or even cause total failure, also known as the tree’s falling. You can prepare for severe weather by cabling and bracing your trees. Today on the blog, your Kingsport arborists at … Read More

7 Trees Not to Plant in your Kingsport Yard

trees not to plant

Johnson City, TN Homeowners often appreciate the benefits of trees on their property. Depending on the type of tree, they may provide privacy, shade, beautiful blooms, tasty fruit, or just serve for ornamental purposes. You may assume that any tree available for purchase at your local nursery is fine to plant anywhere on your property. However, there are some tree … Read More

The Tree Secret Kingsport Homeowners Must Know

Tree secrets

Johnson City, TN It’s a common misconception that urban trees, as in trees that are in your yard, can thrive on their own. We even get this question a lot. Why do I need to pay for professional tree care when trees grow just fine in the woods? But the truth is, urban trees lack necessary nutrients found in forests, … Read More

Parasitic Plants and How to Remove Them

parasitic plant cuscuta

Johnson City, TN There’s a harmony and balance to nature. Sometimes, however, certain plants can attack others, compromising their appearance and even threatening their health. Parasitic plants can be deadly to your trees, so it is important to know what these plants look like, the signs of infection and what to do if they infiltrate your property. Your tree health … Read More

Why do Trees Fall after Heavy Rain?

trees fall after heavy rain

Johnson City, TN Especially if your landscape includes any large and/or old trees, a weather forecast that calls for storms or heavy rains can cause anxiety for a homeowner. That’s because big trees are notorious for falling after heavy rains. It can leave us scratching our heads: The tree looks so big and strong. How can something as simple as … Read More

What are the Best Trees for a Fence Line?

trees for fence line

Johnson City, TN Gardeners and homeowners can easily become overwhelmed when considering what kind of trees to place in their yards near a fence line. Perhaps you want to add some seasonal color to your lawn, or maybe you’re looking for more privacy. It’s important to know which trees make good neighbors for a fence line and which will grow … Read More

A Guide to Preparing your Trees for Winter

prepare trees for winter

Johnson City, TN Tennessee has endured a couple of recent cold snaps, but for the most part, the state has avoided a harsh winter over the last couple of years. When the green of the earth starts to die away for winter’s slumber, it’s still important to think about your trees and the stress that the winter months can cause … Read More

Prevent Trees Falling this Winter in Kingsport

Fallen Tree After Snow

Johnson City, TN A healthy tree is built to last through all seasons. However, when weather conditions get severe, as they were during the snowstorm that hit East Tennessee in the middle of January, 2024, it can wreak havoc on even a strong, mature tree. Your trees may sustain significant damage or, in a worst-case scenario, fall. Today on the … Read More

The Fastest Growing Trees for East Tennessee

fastest growing tree in east tn

Johnson City, TN Property owners in East Tennessee usually love trees. Trees provide shade, are beautiful, and enhance your landscape. The only thing is that many varieties of trees take years or even decades to fully mature. But our Kingsport tree service company, Promier Tree, has some advice for property owners looking for fast growing trees. While trees grow better … Read More

What you Should Know about Topping Trees

tree topping

Johnson City, TN Topping is an extreme form of pruning a tree that is usually required because tree maintenance and pruning didn’t happen when it was needed as a tree was growing. Tree topping is precisely what it sounds like — when the top of a tree is cut off. This leaves the tree with a bare, unnatural appearance and … Read More