Caring for Newly Planted Trees

Planting a tree

Johnson City, TN So, you’ve decided to plant a new tree. You may think that once you have your new tree in the ground that nature will do the rest. On the contrary. There are plenty of things you can do to help care for your tree and ensure it lives a long and healthy life. It takes years for … Read More

Should you Remove Dead Trees from your Property?

remove dead tree

Johnson City, TN Our goal as arborists is to protect the health of trees in the Tri-cities area. But trees have life expectancies, and, unfortunately, sometimes they die. Dead trees on your property create more than aesthetic problems. They’re also a hazard to property and people’s lives. It’s important, then, to promptly remove dead trees from your property. Today, our … Read More

3 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Residential Tree Care

residential tree care

Johnson City, TN Trees are one of the loveliest parts of living in Tennessee. In addition to making our landscapes beautiful, they provide shade from the hot sun in the summer and shelter for our wildlife. But while trees provide stretching canopies that we all enjoy, their size, alone, can make them dangerous. No different than humans, trees suffer from … Read More

What to Expect During a Tree Removal Service

tree removal

Johnson City, TN Trees grace our landscapes with their beauty, shade and ecological contributions. Yet, there are times when tree removal becomes a necessity. Whether due to disease, structural issues or landscaping goals, the tree removal process demands careful planning and execution. At Promier Tree, we understand the value of trees but, when removal is needed, we provide expert tree … Read More

Tree Preservation: How to Save a Historic Tree

historic tree

Johnson City, TN Caring for trees is a task that demands expertise and dedication that should be left to the professionals. When it comes to preserving historic trees and trees located on historic sites, however, the job becomes even more intricate. At Promier Tree, we recognize the unique challenges posed by these living treasures and offer the necessary knowledge and … Read More

5 Benefits of Planting Trees in your Yard

benefits of planting trees

Johnson City, TN When envisioning an ideal neighborhood, the image of tree-lined streets may come to mind. Trees not only add beauty to the surroundings, but offer numerous benefits – both tangible and intangible – to homeowners. Today on the blog, we explore five advantages of planting trees in your yard and why choosing Promier Tree to handle your planting … Read More

5 Reasons to Hire a Tree Expert

Johnson City, TN Your trees are an invaluable asset to your property, providing shade, beauty and ecological benefits. However, proper tree care requires expertise and knowledge that goes beyond basic gardening skills. To ensure the health and longevity of your trees, it is essential to hire a professional tree care service. Below we’ll explore five reasons why entrusting your trees … Read More

Signs of Tree Failure

tree failure

Johnson City, TN Trees are beautiful to have on our property, but every homeowner assumes the responsibility of monitoring the trees and providing maintenance when needed. Unhealthy, overgrown or dead trees can be hazardous. It’s always best to catch an issue and deal with it early to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem — and possibly deadly — down … Read More

Do I need a Professional to Treat Tree Disease?

diseased tree

Johnson City, TN When your trees are affected by disease, seeking professional assistance is essential to ensure proper diagnosis and effective treatment. Here are five reasons why, as compiled by the tree professionals in Kingsport at Promier Tree. Reason 1. Accurate Diagnosis Professional assistance is crucial for accurately diagnosing tree diseases. At Promier Treem our staff includes arborists who are … Read More

How Do I Keep My Trees Healthy

keep trees healthy

Johnson City, TN In our humble opinion, a yard that boasts lush, healthy trees is a must for every homeowner. Trees provide beauty and desperately needed shade in the hot, Johnson City summer months. They also increase the value of your property! All of us want to take care of our investments, and trees are no different. Today our ISA-certified … Read More