How Discount Tree Services Cost you more in the Long Run

discount tree service

Johnson City TN If you have trees on your property, eventually, they will need care. For example, let’s say you need to have your trees pruned in Kingsport. You can search online for “tree companies near me” and see all sorts of different options. When you’re seeking a tree pruning company, it’s natural to look for the best deal possible. … Read More

The Best Low-Maintenance Trees for Kingsport Homeowners

low maintenance trees

Johnson City TN Whether you are away from home a lot or are not an “outdoorsy” person who enjoys working in the yard, low-maintenance tree options can be a quaint addition to your property without requiring hard work or frequent maintenance. However, selecting the best tree is more complex than choosing something pretty at the garden center. Our Tri-Cities tree … Read More

What causes Trees to Bloom and what Happens when they Don’t?

blooming tree

Johnson City TN Spring is in full swing, and trees are budding their gorgeous colorful blooms. Trees and plants all around us are coming to life. We tend to think of spring as a time of renewal. Like a fresh start. But what does it mean when trees don’t bloom or if part of a tree doesn’t bud? It might … Read More

Do these 4 things if your Tree is Damaged in a Storm

damaged tree in storm

Johnson City TN It’s that time of year when thunderstorms, lightning, heavy winds, and rain strike. While a hefty dose of rain is good for trees and plants, storms aren’t. Storms sometimes damage trees, especially unhealthy trees or trees with damaged or dead limbs. At Promier Tree, our crew is available 24/7 for emergency storm cleanup and to help care … Read More

Why isn’t my Tree Sprouting Leaves?

tree not sprouting

Johnson City TN The spring season is well underway by now. You can tell by the warming temperatures and sprouting foliage and blooms (allergies, anyone?) While your itchy eyes and a stuffy nose may be irritating, there’s no denying that spring is one of the most beautiful times of year here in East Tennessee. Trees will soon be full of … Read More

4 Reasons to keep your Trees Healthy

keep trees healthy

Johnson City TN Trees provide many benefits to property owners by providing shade and beauty. But trees provide more benefits than that. They are crucial to our environment by helping provide clean air, stormwater absorption and help sustain wildlife by providing food and shelter. But maintaining healthy trees comes at a cost. From trimming dead limbs and treating diseases and … Read More

How to Reduce Tree Loss Risk during Spring Storms

spring storms

Johnson City TN Violent spring storms like severe winds and tornados pose a direct threat to your tree’s health and safety. Some trees can withstand the elements as the intense winds blow, and heavy rain falls. However, trees that are unhealthy, overgrown, or have large canopies can increase risks to human life or structures. Although it’s not practical to eradicate … Read More

5 Factors to Consider when Choosing a Tree

choosing a tree

Johnson City TN Trees around your home and on your property not only provide aesthetically pleasing views, but they increase your home’s value and make your community look more attractive. Unfortunately, the wrong type of tree planted in the wrong location may become a detriment and cause property damage. Therefore, careful location planning and tree species selection can ensure your … Read More

5 Easy Steps to Prepare your Trees for Spring

prepare trees for spring

Johnson City TN As freezing temperatures give way to the warmth of spring, now is the time to prepare your trees for the growing season. Upon waking from a winter slumber for three months, your trees should receive extra love and attention for optimal growth. Therefore, our Kingsport ISA-certified arborists share on the blog today five easy steps to prepare … Read More

How to Secure your Trees During Severe Weather

secure trees

Johnson City TN Your property’s trees may not grow safely or sustainably to promote long-term health and personal or property protection. In some cases, the tree’s species characteristics, location, or lack of pruning during early development stages may result in poor branch structures, leaving them vulnerable to damage during storms. Therefore, our Tri-Cities tree care experts at Promier Tree advise … Read More