Follow these 6 Tips to Reduce Tree Fire Risk in Johnson City

Tree on fire

Johnson City, TN Trees enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space and improve the property value. However, if your tree catches fire, it instantly becomes a major hazard. A few proactive measures now can save you a major risk and potentially devastating fire later. Read on as, today on the blog, we examine six tips to reduce tree fire risk … Read More

Do Trees Need More Water in Summer?

watering tree

Johnson City, TN Here in East Tennessee, the average temperature in June, July and August ranges between 85 and 87 degrees. Some trees cannot stand the heat without a little extra hydration. Even though we tend to get a lot of thunderstorms in the summertime, many tree root systems are too deep in the dirt to actually be reached by … Read More

The Importance of Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance

Johnson City, TN Many homeowners may choose to neglect tree maintenance when other projects around the home take precedence, but this has the potential of being a costly decision down the road. Regular pruning is good for a landscape for a number of reasons: it ensures trees are healthy and happy, adds to a home’s property value and minimizes risks … Read More

Should you Plant Trees in the Spring

plant tree in spring

Johnson City TN The coming of spring is often announced by a burst of green as flowers, grass, and the leaves on trees all seem to bloom suddenly. The air is thick with pollen (often literally irritatingly so), so it seems Nature, itself, designated this time of year for planting. For people thinking of planting a tree, a combination of … Read More

Best Mulch for your Trees

mulch for trees

Johnson City TN Spring is here, which means it’s time for nature to spring back to life. Lawns are waking up from their winter slumber, and color is popping up everywhere. This is also the time when people — having grown tired of their dead, dry, bare yards and patios — are ready to spruce up outdoor spaces to prepare … Read More

How to Properly Maintain Azaleas


Johnson City TN An azalea is a beautiful flowering shrub that provides a burst of spectacular color to your outdoor space every time it blooms. One of the greatest benefits to adding azaleas to your landscape is they are fairly easy to maintain. Keep reading, as Promier Tree explains how to properly maintain azaleas. Evergreen or Deciduous? First off, you … Read More

Should Trees and Shrubs be Fertilized?

fertilize trees

Johnson City TN Now is the time to prepare your ornamentals for the severe winter months ahead as autumn approaches. The trees you have on your land aren’t the same species as those in a natural forest. Trees in urban areas are subjected to a variety of stresses that are absent in forested areas. Construction, soil compaction, excessive heat, inadequate … Read More

How do you know it’s Time to Remove a Tree?

when is it time to remove a tree

Johnson City TN It can be challenging and, in some cases, overwhelming to finalize a decision to remove a tree. Whether it is a treasured tree that your kids played under when they were little or a historical landmark, removing a tree can be heartbreaking. However, there are several questions to ask yourself before hiring a tree removal company. Our … Read More

Do Trees Need Watering During the Summer?

watering trees in summers

Johnson City TN Keeping trees hydrated during the scorching summer months can be challenging for homeowners and business owners. Between extreme heat and drought periods, your trees are in constant danger. Therefore, regular maintenance is a must to prevent premature tree death. Our Tri-Cities ISA-certified arborists at Promier Tree explain on the blog today that trees need watering during the … Read More

How to not Butcher your Crape Myrtle

how not to butcher crape myrtle

Johnson City TN Crape myrtle trees are common in the south, and east Tennessee is no exception. Once the calendar turns to June, crape myrtle trees thrive. These trees are known for their handsome trunks with blooms that are a spectacular spectrum of colors, including pink, white, and hot lavender. When the growing season subsides, you’ll need to consider pruning … Read More