Do Trees Need More Water in Summer?

watering tree

Johnson City, TN Here in East Tennessee, the average temperature in June, July and August ranges between 85 and 87 degrees. Some trees cannot stand the heat without a little extra hydration. Even though we tend to get a lot of thunderstorms in the summertime, many tree root systems are too deep in the dirt to actually be reached by … Read More

The Importance of Tree Maintenance

Tree Maintenance

Johnson City, TN Many homeowners may choose to neglect tree maintenance when other projects around the home take precedence, but this has the potential of being a costly decision down the road. Regular pruning is good for a landscape for a number of reasons: it ensures trees are healthy and happy, adds to a home’s property value and minimizes risks … Read More

The 5 Best Shade Trees for Summer

shade tree for summer

Johnson City, TN Trees serve an assortment of purposes in our everyday lives. They not only cleanse the air, but also beautify landscapes everywhere, be they natural or maintained. Tennessee is known for its beautiful trees. They can also bring shade and comfort to your yard during those long, hot summer days. Some types of trees are best for providing … Read More

5 Reasons to use Professional Tree Care in Johnson City

professional tree care

Johnson City, TN Trees take years to grow and mature. Caring for recently planted trees can be a challenging but gratifying experience. However, if you make a mistake in tree care, it can be disastrous for the tree and even dangerous for you. For these reasons, we believe it’s best to trust your tree care needs in Johnson City to … Read More

How to Handle a Dead Tree

dead tree

Johnson City TN Just like every other living thing, trees can die.  The life span of trees can vary anywhere between a few decades to thousands of years.  As tree care professionals, it devastates us to see someone lose a tree that held sentimental value to them.  Although many people don’t witness trees dying because of their longevity, it will … Read More

Should I Hire a Certified Arborist

certified arborist

Johnson City TN The word “arborist” comes from the Latin word arbor (“tree”) + the suffix –ist (ultimately from the Greek word istos, “one who does”). An arborist, then, literally means “someone who does something with trees,” a derivation that is somewhat unhelpful. More specifically, an arborist is a professional who looks after the care and management of trees. Anyone … Read More

Should you Plant Trees in the Spring

plant tree in spring

Johnson City TN The coming of spring is often announced by a burst of green as flowers, grass, and the leaves on trees all seem to bloom suddenly. The air is thick with pollen (often literally irritatingly so), so it seems Nature, itself, designated this time of year for planting. For people thinking of planting a tree, a combination of … Read More

Can you Fix a Topped Tree

topped tree

Johnson City TN There are many reasons to prune a tree. Dead branches that are removed will make room for live ones to grow, for example, and this will especially be beneficial for fruit trees. Diseased or insect-infested limbs can be cut away to prevent the disease or infestation from reaching the rest of the tree; trees can be shaped … Read More

Caring for Fruit Trees

fruit trees

Johnson City TN Growing your own fruit can feel overwhelming at first, but it can also be very rewarding. Fruit trees aren’t something you can plant and then forget about. Maximizing your trees’ fruit production requires planning, including for space purposes and what you’ll be using the fruit for. Do you plan to enjoy the fruit only during the summer, … Read More

Can I Leave Tree Stumps in my Yard?

tree stump

Johnson City TN Tree stumps take up yard space and are unsightly, but they don’t hurt anything, right? Wrong. No matter the size, stumps left in the ground pose health and safety risks. Let’s take a look at a few of them: Safety hazards If anyone is walking or playing in your yard, tree stumps present hazards, potentially creating liability … Read More