5 Expert ways to Protect your Evergreens this Winter

protecting evergreens in winter

Johnson City TN Evergreens are an excellent addition to most homeowners as the year-round color, texture, and wildlife refuge provide more benefits than seasonal varieties. Additionally, evergreens can give a beautiful and picturesque landscaping scene, especially when all other trees are bare. Unfortunately, freezing winter temperatures and snow can damage evergreens, but you can guard them against damaging winter effects … Read More

What to know about Frost Cracks in Trees

frost cracks in trees

Johnson City TN For some, winter is an enjoyable season. However, its harsh conditions can damage trees. Fluctuating temperatures and extreme cold at night can stress even mature, dormant trees, leading to frost cracks. If you’ve ever heard what sounds like a cracking whip or a rifle shot coming out of a forest or woodland, this could be a sign … Read More

Tips on Dealing with Trees Damaged by Snow or Ice

tree damage from ice

Johnson City TN You know about the risks of driving during a winter storm. Snow and ice can make roads impassable. Extreme winter weather also poses a threat to your trees. The weight of snow and ice can break off tree limbs, damage shrubs, and even topple trees. Here in areas of East Tennessee like Kingsport and Johnson City, at … Read More

Can I Plant Trees during the Winter in Tennessee?

can i plant trees in winter

Johnson City TN Fall is known as the best time to plant trees in Kingsport. But what if you missed the mark? Can you plant trees during the winter in Tennessee? Read on as Kingsport arborists at Promier Tree answer this question. Get the facts on planting trees You need to evaluate several factors when determining if it’s the right … Read More

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal Expenses?

does homeowners cover tree removal

Johnson City TN Homeowners insurance is there to financially protect you, your home, and your belongings in the event of weather damage, fire, theft, and vandalism. If you have trees on your property, what if a tree falls and needs to be removed? Will your homeowners insurance cover the cost of removal? In this article, Kingsport arborists at Promier Tree … Read More

3 Ways Trees Enhance your Commercial Property

trees enhance commercial property

Johnson City TN Creating an aesthetically pleasing area for your business requires strategic landscaping decisions. Choosing which plants, flowers, and tree types to include can be overwhelming, but budding fruit, flowers, or colorful leaves can provide a tremendous impact on your property’s curb appeal. Ornamental trees are the perfect solution for creating exciting landscapes that spark inspiration and joy within … Read More

Why some Tennessee Trees are being Quarantined

trees being quarantined

Johnson City TN Tree health in Tennessee is on the decline for some species. For example, ash trees are under attack by a pest known as the Emerald Ash Borer or EAB, a pest that feeds on an ash tree’s inner bark, reducing its ability to absorb water and nutrients to sustain life. Unfortunately, EAB beetles can kill an adult … Read More

3 Common Tree Diseases to watch out for in Tennessee

tree disease

Johnson City TN Having trees is a major asset to your home. Trees serve as a focal point of your outdoor landscape and can enhance the curb appeal of your property. However, trees only add beauty and value if they are healthy and strong. Your trees are living things that are vulnerable to damage or even death from pest infestations … Read More

5 Ways to Save on Professional Tree Care Services

save on professional tree service

Johnson City TN Professional tree services are vital for protecting your trees year-round. Unfortunately, tree services can be expensive, especially if you hire an inexperienced company. Our qualified tree care company in the Tri-Cities area shares on the blog today five ways to save on professional tree care services so that you don’t empty your wallet when it’s not necessary. … Read More

8 Tree Care Tips for November

november tree care tips

Johnson City TN Falling autumn foliage is a sign that winter is on its way. In addition, fall is an excellent time where caring for your lawn can be a joy without blazing or freezing temperatures. Fall is also prime time to recoup tree health and examine your trees for damage before the winter season. Therefore, the certified arborists in … Read More