Before Planting a Tree, Read This

planting a tree

Johnson City, and Kingsport TN For Tennesseans, the prime time to plant trees is during the fall to late winter, which will soon be upon us, even though we are still suffering through the humid, 100-degree temperatures. If you would like to plant trees on your property but are not sure where to start, here is a helpful guide to … Read More

Common Tree Trimming Accidents

maintaining trees

Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Homeowners often take pride and care in maintaining a beautiful lawn, and take careful consideration of growing beautiful flowers, but what about the trees? Often, trees are forgotten about until they become a hazard, and even then, some people push their luck. To maintain their health and beauty, trees require regular pruning and maintenance. On … Read More

How to Keep Bamboo From Spreading

containing bamboo

Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Bamboo is often planted to add privacy but can quickly spread and invade areas of your yard that you do not want to be covered by this dense plant. If you don’t control bamboo, it can become a problem fast. Here are some tips for controlling the bamboo planted in your yard, or removing it … Read More

Curb Appeal, Preparing Your Home’s Landscape to Attract Buyers

curb appeal

Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Summertime is one of the busiest times for selling a home. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market during this busy season, remember that curb appeal makes a significant difference in how fast you sell your home and getting your top dollar. What is curb appeal? Curb appeal is how your … Read More

The Benefits of Trees

benefits of trees

Johnson City, and Kingsport, TN Trees provide many benefits to us such as economics, environmental, and social aspects. After reviewing these advantages, you may consider planting trees around the landscape of your home or business. Economics Healthy trees on your landscape can help increase the value of your property. Plus, by providing shade to your home or building, you can … Read More