The Perfect Christmas Tree

the perfect christmas tree

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN It’s that time of year again; time to put up a Christmas tree. Maybe you have already decided you will be purchasing a real tree this year. Whether it is your first time or you are just looking for advice, here are some tips for selecting the perfect tree, and how to take care … Read More

Vibrant Fall Colors are not by Chance

vibrant fall colors are not by chance

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Trees are adorned for their beauty and appreciated because of the shade and protection that they provide. The fall season reminds us just how beautiful trees can be as their leaves change to orange, red or yellow. The colors are a natural part of a tree’s lifecycle – part of its health. These vivid … Read More

How to Keep Deer from Eating your Arborvitae Trees

keep deer from eating your arborvitae trees

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Arborvitae trees are adorned by property owners be it for their beauty, or the privacy that they add. The evergreen glow of arborvitae trees is comforting, but deer cannot seem to leave these gorgeous trees alone, especially during the dead of winter when food is harder to come by. Here are ways to keep … Read More

Tree Care Tips for Fall

tree care tips in fall

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN The cooler temperatures are beginning to settle in during the mornings and evenings here in East Tennessee. This can only mean one thing – that colorful fall foliage is almost upon us, and that football season is in full swing, too! When it comes to maintaining one’s landscape, many homeowners tend only to be … Read More

Why Trees Need Trimming

why trees need trimming

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN A healthy tree is an investment in your property. It provides shade, beautifies your outdoor landscape and enhances curb appeal, thus elevating the overall value of the property. If you are going to trim or prune your tree, you need to do so with caution and have a good reason to prune. Typically, trees … Read More

What Causes Tree Emergencies

tree emergency

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Trees can be a tremendous addition to the landscape of your home or business. They add curb appeal, provide a source of shade, foster an environment for local wildlife, and increase the energy efficiency of nearby buildings or homes. However, keeping trees healthy does require some level of maintenance and, depending on the situation, … Read More

Why Stumps Need to be Removed

why tree stumps need to be removed

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Most people do not think trees need maintenance until something happens like one falls or becomes damaged in a storm. Even if a tree is cut down, the stump is often left in the ground. The cost of removing a tree stump may seem unnecessary but think again! If you have had a tree … Read More

Why Hire a Certified Arborist

why hire an arborist

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Sometimes, there is no substitute for professional help. This saying definitely applies to your trees, shrubs, and landscaping needs. Many property owners take a do-it-yourself approach to maintaining their outdoor landscape, but working with a certified arborist for your tree care can make the entire process much easier, and safer. Still not convinced? Here … Read More

Why Tree Roots Need Trimming

why tree roots need trimming

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Your tree is only as strong as the roots that support it. Sometimes, however, circumstances dictate that the roots of a tree be cut or trimmed. Maybe a tree is outgrowing the area in which it is located; specifically, a tree may be growing too close to the foundation of your home or business. … Read More

Hiring a Tree Removal Service

hiring a tree removal company

Bristol, Johnson City, and Kingsport TN Tree removal can be a serious task, and downright dangerous, which is why you should not trust the job to just any individual or company. Removing a tree requires skill and safety precautions. The same thought is true for tree trimming services. If you hire the wrong company, you could be left with a … Read More