Why you should hire a Kingsport Arborist to Evaluate your Trees

hire arborist to evaluate trees

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Trees can add value to your home while increasing your property’s aesthetics and curb appeal. With proper maintenance, healthy trees can live for years providing shade for your yard. However, when a tree shows signs of damage, decay, or pests, treatment options are available to restore its health. Today on the blog, the Tri-Cities arborists at Promier Tree share why you should hire a Kingsport arborist to evaluate your trees.

Why should I hire an arborist to evaluate my trees?

Our Kingsport arborists are highly trained professionals with unique and specialized training from the International Society of Arboriculture. Part of the intense training helps arborists see problems that may seem inconsequential to the average person. For example, holes in the tree’s bark, sawdust tracks, discolored or undersized leaves, or leaves that change color too early in the fall could indicate serious problems that may not only affect one tree but other trees or shrubs on your property too.

What is a tree structure evaluation?

A tree structure evaluation conducted by an ISA-Certified arborist in Kingsport can identify structural or health concerns that could result in the death of the tree or possible property damage to your home. The arborist can recognize structural problems such as weakened or broken branches, root problems, decay, poor tree architecture, saturated soils, cracks, or splits. Some observations are obvious to the naked eye, but a certified arborist uses specialized instruments to further evaluate your trees.

What if my trees are at high risk of failure or unhealthy?

You may have trees on your property that could pose a danger to your property or are unhealthy due to insects or disease. Fortunately, there are treatments available that could extend the life of your tree. The Tri-Cities arborists at Promier Tree provide a complete health evaluation to determine the best method to treat your tree. If the tree has suffered extensive damage or is unsafe, the arborist may recommend tree removal.

What are the benefits of a tree evaluation?

A tree evaluation by a Kingsport ISA-Certified arborist offers multiple benefits from beauty to financial value. Below are the most common areas where homeowners benefit from a certified tree evaluation.

  • Risk Assessment – A risk assessment considers the tree’s structure, biology, environment, and the history of the surrounding area. The assessment determines whether the tree is under duress and faces possible failure. Based on the evaluation, preventative measures can reduce the risk to your property or home.
  • Disease and Pest Diagnosis – Diseases and pests can cause extensive damage to a tree over time and could potentially lead to the death of your tree. A knowledgeable arborist can detect early signs of disease and pests and offer treatment recommendations to restore your tree’s health.
  • Preserving Trees During Construction – A construction project near your home could be traumatic for your landscape. A Kingsport arborist can carefully monitor your trees and provide recommendations about soil compaction prevention and how the roots should be cut.
  • Tree Appraisal – The trees on your property have a monetary value that could boost your home’s value. Tree evaluation and appraisal can provide pertinent information for legal affairs, insurance claims, or personal disputes.

ISA-Certified Arborist in Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol, Tennessee

The trees on your property can provide years of beauty and shade with regular maintenance and evaluations to prevent pests, diseases, or damage. To keep your trees healthy and add value to your home, contact your Tri-Cities ISA-Certified arborists at Promier Tree for a tree evaluation today. Feel free to call us at (423) 765-2626 or contact us online to get answers to your questions or schedule a tree evaluation appointment with one of our certified arborists.