Why Hire a Certified Arborist

why hire an arborist

why hire an arboristJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

Sometimes, there is no substitute for professional help. This saying definitely applies to your trees, shrubs, and landscaping needs. Many property owners take a do-it-yourself approach to maintaining their outdoor landscape, but working with a certified arborist for your tree care can make the entire process much easier, and safer.

Still not convinced? Here are three reasons why you should hire an arborist.


Plants and trees can be finicky for even the most seasoned “green thumb” gardener. They must be planted in the right soil, at the right time of year, in the right place, and watered correctly to ensure proper growth. Each tree species in the world has its own unique set of characteristics to grow to its full potential. Planting trees in the wrong season could mean that you end up wasting your money. An arborist has studied each species of tree and knows the best planting methods, as well as how to execute these methods in the proper fashion.


Your trees and shrubs can develop illnesses, just like animals and humans can. An arborist has gone through special education and training to diagnose diseases in trees, and then treat the diseases to cure them or at least stop the damage. If one of your trees becomes afflicted with a disease, it could be contagious and spread to the other trees at your home or business, or to the trees on adjacent properties. If you notice signs of a disease in one of your trees, consult an arborist to save your tree.

Save money

The services of a qualified, professional arborist do not come cheap. However, working with an arborist should be considered a sort of “insurance” on your trees and outdoor landscape. Consulting an arborist before a tree emergency occurs, or immediately after you notice weather damage or the symptoms of a disease, will save you money in the long run. Keeping your trees healthy also will safeguard the long-term value of your property.
Properly maintained trees also look nicer, and create an attractive curb appeal if you are selling your home.

Safety: Least we forget about safety. When it comes to trimming, pruning or removing a tree, it is best left to the professionals unless you have all the necessary equipment and are experienced, which the average person is not. Arborists can also safely trim and prune trees when it is needed, as well as assess trees for potential damage or disease. You may not think that trees on your property need any attention, but a properly maintained tree is safer for you, your home, and surrounding structures. If a tree becomes diseased or damaged, it could produce falling limbs, also a danger to you and to others.

Promier Tree has arborists on staff with all the training and experience to handle any tree-related issue or emergency you might experience. Schedule an initial consultation today by calling our office at (423) 765-2626.

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