3 Reasons to Prioritize your Tree’s Health

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evaluate tree healthJohnson City, and Kingsport TN

When was the last time that the trees on your property had a physical? Just like humans, trees benefit from preventive care and maintenance. ISA-Certified Arborists in Kingsport at Promier Tree develop plant health care programs to help preserve trees, encourage growth, and prevent plant diseases from spreading. Many homeowners simply wait until their trees experience obvious signs of distress before calling in the pros, but today on the blog Promier Tree wants to share three reasons to prioritize your tree’s health.

  1. Trees can’t care for themselves

Obviously, there are forests all over the world with thriving trees. But, these trees have adapted to their environment, which cannot be said about transplanted trees in suburban settings. Forests naturally have leaves covering the ground, which decompose and fertilize trees. Most manicured landscapes will not have traces of biological matter. Soil in cities and in lawns across town is likely to not be as nutrient-rich as soil in forests. Furthermore, air pollution in cities deprives trees of the necessary oxygen they need to thrive. Domesticated trees, unlike trees in the wild, do require maintenance and preventive care.

  1. Tree care saves money in the long run

Just like preventive healthcare protects your body against disease, the same is true for trees. Arborists in Kingsport can inspect your trees to ensure they are growing to their potential, receiving adequate nutrition, and remain disease-free. Proper pruning also prevents emergencies like tree limbs falling on your home, car, power lines, or injuring someone. Emergency tree removal can be expensive, which is why preventive tree care saves money in the long run.

  1. Taking care of your trees is environmentally responsible

Caring for trees and plants is an environmentally responsible thing to do as long as you use noninvasive methods. Tree diseases and pests often are treated by homeowners using chemicals, which can be harmful to people, and the environment, and take longer to work. However, hiring a Tri-Cities arborist means using organic and noninvasive treatments. A well-developed plant health care program is necessary if you want to keep your trees healthy while protecting the environment. However, if certain problems are diagnosed too late, chemicals may be needed to save the tree, which is why preventive care is essential. Furthermore, maintaining trees is environmentally responsible.

Why choose arborists from Promier Tree

If you are looking for a trusted arborist in Kingsport, look no further than Promier Tree. Our arborists are ISA-certified, and we are dedicated to getting the job done on time. We are skilled in a variety of tree types, and remain passionate about quality. Promier Tree also is committed to practicing up-to-date safety precautions while performing our tree care services.

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